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Celeste Classic 2

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MD5: f3bd058acab2ab0be28b438912998194
For Mac OS X
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The PICO-8 freeware sequel by the same authors of 2016's PICO-8 debut "Celeste" now known as "Classic Celeste". Celeste and Celeste 2 are the first PICO-8 software to have so far shown up on the macintoshgarden.

Differences in app format between Celeste 1&2 :

Celeste 1 spawned a modern/professional cross platform adaptation of the game (called Celeste also), in which the now Classic Celeste was to be a playable easter-egg within the bigger game. This meant the Classic Celeste source code was ported "by hand" from PICO-8 into C+SDL for incorporating it into the other game's bonus level. The C source was made public, and later ported to an OS X Leopard-intel version for Mac thanx @thedoctor45

Celeste 2's file here is exactly how the authors have offered it up in 2021, a freeware Snow Leopard app that appears more similar to a "PICO-8 emulator" app with the Celeste2 virtual cartridge plugged in. PICO-8 as of writing this is still in a pre 1.0 release state. Celeste2 has been also circulated in windows perhaps linux and other executables.

Architecture: x86 (Intel:Mac)

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard