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Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogatari)

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doukutsu0_0_8.dmg (3.41 MB)
MD5: 1f65f70a4309f132ae6b78627ae2e33e
For Mac OS X
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doukutsu0_0_7.dmg (2.52 MB)
MD5: 189ad17033c4cee294c08256071d91e6
For Mac OS X
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doukutsu0_0_6.dmg (1.71 MB)
MD5: 375972a3293636974bac5cb0351955f5
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (6.15 MB)
MD5: 78e468ef0363bbbc7386014931b7ae8d
For Mac OS X
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MD5: c1d3e0df40560c7aef3d9ccecdce079f
For Mac OS X
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MD5: 82ffe52075e894af4e8bed19974b235f
For Mac OS X
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From Wikipedia:

Cave Story (洞窟物語 Dōkutsu Monogatari) is a Metroidvania platform-adventure video game released in 2004 for Windows PCs. It was developed over five years by Japanese developer Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya in his free time. Cave Story features 2D platform mechanics and is reminiscent of the games Amaya played in his youth, such as Metroid and Castlevania (both from 1986). After its initial self-published release, the game slowly gained popularity on the internet. It received widespread critical acclaim for many polished aspects of its design, like its compelling characters, setting, story, and gameplay. Cave Story is considered by many as the quintessential indie game because of its one-man development team and influence on the gaming world.

The fast-paced gameplay of Cave Story revolves around Quote, a robot who wakes up suffering amnesia who must explore and blast his way through cavernous areas in order to figure out who he is and what he is and his backstory. The character gains access to new areas as he powers up his weapons and solves various platforming puzzles. Quote speaks to non-player characters scattered around the game world in order to learn more and more about the world and its inhabitants.

Offered for download here is the Mac OS X port of the freeware Cave Story made by Yuichi "Nakiwo" Fujishige, along with the English translation of the Mac version based off of the fan translation made by Aeon Genesis; this fan translation port was made by Turtle.

Download 1 is Japanese language v0.0.8 ported from PC to Mac by Nakiwo, for Intel Macs only. According to the author's website, it seems it's required for using OS X 10.10 (+higher?).

Download 2 is Japanese language v0.0.7 ported from PC to Mac by Nakiwo, a universal binary for both Intel and PPC Mac OS X 10.3 through 10.9. This version is also the one keyed for use with the particular Spanish language translation patch file provided here as dL #5.

Download 3 is Japanese language v0.0.6 ported from PC to Mac by Nakiwo, for PowerPC Macs only. Mac OS X 10.3 was this one's minimum recommended, however OS X 10.2.8 tests ok & had been supported under older versions of Cave Story.

Download 4 contains Everything for the English language players. All three versions, already patched for language, plus the patches themselves. This has the HTML game manual translated into English as well.

Download 5 is Spanish language prepatched Cave Story v0.0.7 - translation was made by Pillows and Lord Zoltan. I (meleemario) made patches from this using the original Japanese binary of 0.0.7 by Nakiwo.

Download 6 is a collection of patches made by myself (meleemario) using Sappharad's MultiPatch (version 1.3, 32-bit) on Mac OS X 10.4.11 Tiger) utility. Patches for Cave Story 0.0.6 in English, 0.0.7 in both English and Spanish are included in IPS, UPS, and XDelta format. To apply these patches, first install an untouched copy of "" (either 0.0.6 or 0.0.7) to the Applications directory, then run MultiPatch, pick your patch format of choice (Whichever you are most comfortable with), and point it to the unmodified application, and you should be all set. I haven't tested these patches myself though, only created them, so do let me know how they work in the comments!

External Download Mirror (Author's Website)
Cave Story 0.0.8 and 0.0.7 Ports by Nakiwo

(.DMG Files)
External Download Mirror (Author's Website)
English Translation Patch of Cave Story 0.0.7 by Turtle

(.tar.gz Archive)
External Download Mirror (Author's Website)
English Translation Patch of Cave Story 0.0.6 by Turtle

(.tar.gz Archive)
External Link (Cave Story Tribute Site)
All ports of Cave Story, plus additional files and utilities

(Various Archive Formats)
Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

v0.0.8 requires an Intel Mac with OS X 10.10

v0.0.7 is a universal binary that can work on Mac OS X 10.3.x all the way to 10.9

v0.0.6 is a PPC binary that will work on Mac OS X 10.2 to 10.4.11 (10.5.8 tested audio in error)


Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2019, September 28 - 1:14pm

@themacmesiter From what I tried just now, no. I don't know if it's a Carbon or Cocoa app, but, in either case, none of these versions (both pre-patched English and vanilla Japanese versions of 0.0.6, 0.0.7 and 0.0.8) worked.

Message I get from Mac OS 9.2.2:
The package "Doukutsu English" could not be opened, because it cannot be used with this version of the Mac OS or there is a problem with it.

If there is a problem with it, try reinstalling the package.

The app file name is different for the original, vanilla Japanese versions, of course.

It's a pity it doesn't work in 9.2.2. However, if someone wishes to port it to Mac OS, it is possible. Considering someone is attempting to port it even for the Mega Drive (AKA Genesis), even "high end" 68k Macs under SSW 7 or Mac OS 8 have the... potential.

WhosIt.There's picture
by WhosIt.There - 2019, September 28 - 3:31am

I first played this game years ago. It was in Japanese and was pretty unplayable (I kept getting killed off on the opening level!), although probably not helped by not being able to read any of the text.

I tried it again a few years later with an English version and it was better - I don't know if it was tweaked. I got a fair way through, but then got completely stuck (from memory it was a level in an egg factory?).

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2019, September 28 - 3:26am

I constantly wonder whether the PPC version would run on macOS 9.2.2 with all the compatibility libraries (eg. CarbonLib etc.) installed?

galgot's picture
by galgot - 2019, September 24 - 8:11am

Thks! Will try that.

SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2019, September 23 - 11:30pm

Z key is the default "action" button. Can be changed using the Preferences menu. Press Z to select either New or Load. Press/hold "action" to speed thru dialog and cutscenes.

galgot's picture
by galgot - 2019, September 23 - 7:33pm

Anyone having trouble actually starting this game ? I launch it , then move to "New" or "Load" works with the up and down keys, but enter or any other keys do nothing...
Am I missing something ?
This is on a PowerBook G3 Pismo running 10.4.11.

SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2019, January 29 - 3:05am

Great game with retro feel, they say the author spent 5 years making and refining it (not including updates). Very confusing and complicated page here though. I consolidated all things English into a new dL #4, found the Manual in English which had been missing, now in dL #4 as well. I compared mine and yours files too, for any differences, none found.

Actually the v0.0.8 Patch is missing from dL #4 but I did locate an already-patched app plus its patch instructions file.

I run v0.0.6 in Jaguar OSX 10.2.8 but only in a window, if I try going full screen it locks up on an all black view and I must press force-quit.