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Cave Bombers

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cave_bombers.sit (4.84 MB)
MD5: b2482ff042937f807bc1199241ecbf9a
For Mac OS 8 - 8.1 - Mac OS 9
This game works with: SheepShaver,

Cave Bombers is a fast-paced two-dimensional action game, in which from 2 up to 4 players try to blast each other into pieces using bombs, dynamite, and many more weapons, including the legendary nuclear bomb. While blasting each others to smithereens the players also collect treasures laid in different places on levels. Various mining equipment is also available, which is helpful in picking, drilling and blasting your way through the rocks. The game rules are customizable, so players will be able to decide whether to win by number of kills or amount of treasures gathered, there is optional time limit for each round in tournament, and many other game parameters. The game also provides fun when no friends are nearby with a cool single player mode, and ability to use computer players as opponents in multiplayer games. In single player mode, you have to travel through various puzzles, collecting treasures and evading creepy monsters and other enemies while at the same time trying to stay alive. A level editor is also available for registered users. If you are a registered user, you may access level editor simply by clicking the "Level Editor" button in the main menu. Level Editor can be used to create new levels to the game and to build single player missions. User-made levels may be distributed freely, but they will only be playable with the registered version of Cave Bombers. And to not make things too easy, there are a some nasty bad guys and monsters wandering in some of the levels, mostly in single player games. Luckily, those pesky monsters can be killed like any other players in the game. You'd better beware, as some of them are pretty dangerous, because all they usually want is to have you as their lunch. Full explanation of different weapons, terrain types, and monsters is available through "Help" button in the main menu. Registered users will be able to use custom levels available in the add-ons section on this page. -

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Music Credits:
Dawn (Main Menu) - by Victor "Awesome" Vergara
Camel Ride - by Göran "Qum" Liljeberg

Name: nowhereman
Code: 1A-1CD00CD7-2E36-6D52-01

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Architecture: PPC


lordyupa's picture
by lordyupa - 2012, May 20 - 2:36pm

This game made for some great nights of multiplayer at sleepovers when I was about 10.