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Bus'd Out

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MD5: ad36e509d103968393f88554da74b065
For System 1 - 5 - System 6.x
This game works with: Mini vMac

This was an early version of Maze War made internally at Apple and apparently never commercially released, but made available on public domain disks and presumably online via BBS's and such.

The Macintosh Garden will welcome any and all information about the history of this program! There are few mentions of this on the web.

One Man's Retro Mac Revival - someone who was making displays of old Macs and running networked games like Bus'd Out.

The DigiBarn Computer Museum has a little info in their Maze War retrospective:

"Maze Wars was seen running on the early Macintosh 128k and 512k systems in 1984-85 time frame. It first appeared under the name 'Bus'd Out'. Bus'd Out was written (or ported) by someone at Apple as a testing tool for early versions of the AppleTalk stack. AppleTalk existed on the earliest Mac systems, but there was almost nothing to use it until the first LaserWriter appeared in 1985..."

A mention of it (and screenshot) appear on a page about Macintosh Servant.

Architecture: 68k


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by MCP - 2011, August 9 - 8:25pm

I found it at Le Grenier du Mac as well as on a couple of BMUG PD-ROM discs; I'm glad I saw that Retro Gamer article mentioning it because I had overlooked this one before. If anyone can enlighten us some more on this early Mac game, please do!

This might be my smallest upload ever; the screenshots take up more space than the game itself! I have not tested with anything later than System 6, other than to try it once on OS 9 and to have it crash my system. Results may vary in later System versions.