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Bullseye Software's Flying Circus

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FlyingCircus.sit (587.56 MB)
MD5: 596b80daaf6bc1041022862f216986bb
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flying_circus_v103_update.sit (538.62 KB)
MD5: cd99bb60153afff023c6d2ac181d2036
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MD5: f9245d1779b1be2dca4490361bac2bf5
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"Seat of the pants flying, that's what you get with 'Bullseye Software's Flying Circus'. Flying Circus is fun for all ages and abilities, and still realistic enough for flight sim enthusiasts."

"No huge manual to get through, no weapons systems to memorize. Enjoy dogfighting up close and personal. Learn how to bomb targets while avoiding flak. Perfect for Apple's new G3 line or iMac computers. (Or any PowerMac with an ATI or 3Dfx 3D accelerator.) Bullseye Software's Flying Circus is tons of fun." --Archived Bullseye Software site

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(v1.00, with v1.03 update downloadable separately)

Architecture: PPC

"Runs great on Apple's G3 or iMac computers, or any PowerMac with an ATI or 3Dfx 3D accelerator, a CD-ROM drive, and 9 megs RAM available. *Will not work on monitors which ONLY support the 1152x870 resolution."

Note: this game's copy protection scheme involves an invisible file that takes up most of the CD and must be present for the game to play. In OS 9, use Toast or Virtual DVD-ROM/CD Utility to mount the (locked) disc image and it should fool the copy protection. Anyone able to hack this game to make it much smaller, please let us know on this page.