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Bug Hunt

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MD5: 9879f8b3bd7eafb9942f2b533c11abb5
For System 6.x
This game works with: Mini vMac

"Lab to Command. Captain Amarillo! Urgent! Captain!"

You acknowledge: "Amarillo here! What's the matter, Petri? What's wrong?"

"Captain— Something's happening to specimen 5263! It was a cute little fuzzy ball a moment ago, but it seems to be evolv— OH GOD! EEEEEE..."

You suddenly hear screams and rending flesh and metal—as your blood runs cold the security lights go red! BIOHAZARD ALERT! The automatic vent and hatch seals are showing rupture—something's just broken out of the lab and escaped into the station!

You suddenly realize that you may be the only obstacle between this life form and the rest of mankind. All you know is that it's hostile—and may find you and the other two crewmen before you can capture or kill it...

THE OBJECT OF THE GAME is to locate and eliminate the creature using whatever resources you can find or create with combinations of resources. There are at least 8 different endings and the game seldom plays the same way twice—you may win, lose, or draw.

A World Builder adventure that is 32-bit compatible.

Architecture: 68k

For sound, use system 3-6 or Mini vMac.


watchsmart's picture
by watchsmart - 2009, June 29 - 2:44pm

This one runs great in Mini vMac with system 6... most World Builder games do!