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Bug Explorers

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For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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Are you ready to learn about bugs that fly and bugs that crawl? Do you want to meet bugs that disguise themselves as leaves and bugs that have gills? They're all here, ready to meet you and show you their wonderful world!

This manual is for grown-ups--because kids don't need manuals or guides to have fun learning as they explore the world of insects. But we want to make sure you don't miss a single feature!

Your journey through the incredible world of bugs and insects begins at the Explorer screen, where you'll meet nine insect experts: Winston the Walking Stick, Daddio the Spider, Buzz the Bumblebee, Flash the Snail, Scout the Ant, Radar the Dragonfly, Buttercup the Butterfly, Lady "Bugg," and Ludwig Von Cricket.

Each insect expert plays host to a special part of the program. Some, like Winston the Walking Stick and Lady "Bugg," lead you to areas filled with videos that tell about insects and cartoons to watch. Other experts host games where you'll learn to identify insects, create your own bugs and color fantastically buggy scenes!

Winston the Walking Stick lives in a very big place. In fact, it's so big, it takes up five whole screens! On Winston's main screen, click a flower to learn about the lives of insects--for instance, how some insects change as they grow up while others look like mini-versions of their parents from the day they are born.

If you're feeling a little creative, visit Daddio the Spider. He's the most artistic arachnid you'll ever meet! Daddio has three fun activities in store for you: Bugs to Color, Number Fun and Daddio's Dots. Click one of the activities to begin an artistic adventure.

Buzz the Bumblebee is the spelling champ of Honeybee U., and he's here to share his spelling savvy with you! The explorer's classroom offers two kinds of spelling activities, plus two special videos.

Flash the Snail loves puzzles and he has brought three of his favorites to share with you.

Scout the Ant hosts the buggiest game show on the planet! It's easy to play, and easy to learn with this simple game. Scout displays six pictures of insects, plus one magnified section in the middle of the screen. Listen to the interesting fact Scout shares, look at the close-up picture, then click the correct picture (out of the six smaller pictures) to identify the insect described.

Visit Radar the Dragonfly to test your visual memory and sharpen your concentration skills. Radar is host to a classic matching game.

Have you ever met a real bug collector? Buttercup has! And she has videos of collectors showing their prize specimens so you can meet them, too.

Lady "Bugg" is the official keeper of the Bug Explorers' cartoon collection. And now they're available for you on BTN--the Bug Toon Network! Click a bubble on the cartoon screen to select a cartoon. As an added bonus, there are also bug jokes scattered among the cartoons!

Ludwig Von Cricket is the Bug Explorer's music expert, with three extraordinary music activities for you! Choose from Follow Me, Song Book and Compose.


From Roaring Mouse Entertainment:

Produced by David Lee Miller & Bill Patterson
Programming by Mason Deming
Painting by Rena Smith
Game Design & Development by Roaring Mouse Entertainment, Inc.
Associate Producing, Assistant Programming & Sound Editing by Stephanie O'Malley
Bug Explorers Song written by Mary Miller and Brett Tuggle
Music Production, Sound Design, Additional Music & Sound Editing by Brett Tuggle
Researched & Written by David Miller and Mary Miller
Insect Slides courtesy of Larry Friesen, Ph.D.
Video Production by Roaring Mouse Entertainment
Video Editing by Bill Patterson, Stephanie O'Malley & Mason Deming
"Bug Explorers" Title Song Lead Vocals by Brett Tuggle
Background Song Vocals by Matthew Tuggle & Allison, Lauren & Ashley Lowry
Lead Surf Guitar by Rocket Ritchotte
Bug Explorers ABC Rap Lead Vocals by Shakey & Roberta Freeman
Voice Talent by Tim Halligan, Steve Franken, Roberta Freeman, Tamera Pfeifer, Larry Friesen, Fred Skoler, David Miller, Hunter & Charlotte Patterson, Sarah & Jordan Miller & Matthew Tuggle
Production Assistants: Sean O'Neil and Jim Vinson

Special Thanks to Tony Winders, Alan Wallace & Tracy Bagatelle at Interactive Agency, David Hankin, Carlos Amezcua, Bonnie Tiegel, Steve Rubin, Tom Puckett, Hiram Powell, Ron Azoff, Steve Shenkan, Conrad Sprout, Debbie Tuggle, S.W. Park, Pamela Unruh, Pam Lewis, Frank Westall, Jeff Hilbert & Chip Hilts
And to our Collectors: James Fujita, Bruce Steele, Alex & Matthew Van Dam, Mike Ortiz, Susan Van Voriskey, David Carpenter, Ruben Portillo, Eric Smith & Jesse Smith

(c)1996 Roaring Mouse Entertainment, Inc.
(c)1996 N-TK (Entertainment Technology), Inc.
Memorex used under license from Memorex-Telex N.V. All other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders.

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Architecture: 68k PPC

Does not work in OS X Classic.

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by butterburger - 2015, August 9 - 5:01am

Oh yeah, I remember, it came with some Gummi or Plastik insect. I cannot imagine any body bought this software four times to collect all four toy bugs. Thank you for the cover image, mrdav.