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Brimstone: The Dream of Gawain

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For System 1 - 5
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This game works with: Mini vMac

In this story-focused text adventure, an Arthurian knight is trapped in a hellscape that freely mixes literature and reality.

The necessary copy protection passwords are included on the first page of the downloadable manual.

Brimstone (Synapse/Broderbund; $39.95) was a really pleasant surprise. While the
term "interactive novel" has been used as a catch phrase to describe most text adventure games, Brimstone is one of the first true examples of it. The game's third-person narrative is a bit disconcerting to veteran adventure game players, but initial discomfort quickly fades and players find themselves engrossed in the adventures of Sir Gawain, a Knight of the Round Table, as he journeys down to Hell and back — literally.
- MacUser review (rated 4 out of 5 mice)

The reader gains no essential information from [the opening chapters of the manual], and can in fact skip over them completely. By doing so, however, she loses much of the novel's literary worth, because "The Confession" is an aesthetic opening to an aesthetic text. In other words, reading Brimstone without reading "The Confession" would be much like reading The Canterbury Tales without bothering with the General Prologue. It can be done, but the aesthetic loss is enormous.
- Neil Randall, Computers and the Humanities, Sept. 1988

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Architecture: 68k