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Bridge Baron 15

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MD5: e936890fd9d778c3d4406f6bce4bea22
For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS X
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Bridge Baron for Macintosh consists of seven programs in one:

Play Bridge is a complete bridge playing program that allows you to bid and play deals with Bridge Baron as a computer opponent. You usually bid and play the South cards, while the Baron bids and plays as your partner and your opponents. Bridge Baron can generate 2,147,483,647 different random deals, and play them with you or against you.

The Conventions program allows you to practice bidding conventions on millions of different deals.

Bridge Match captures all the excitement of tournament bridge. You play a duplicate bridge match against one or more friends and the Baron, and the computer keeps track of the score and displays the results board by board.

The Challenges include 168 problem deals constructed by the late Easley Blackwood, one of America's leading bridge personalities for many years, the inventor of the Blackwood Convention, and author of several books on bridge. The 2005 Blackwood Challenges are 24 all-new problem deals selected especially for Bridge Baron 15. The 2004 Blackwood Challenges, 2003 Blackwood Challenges, 2002 Blackwood Challenges, 2001 Blackwood Challenges, 2000 Blackwood Challenges, and Classic Blackwood Challenges are 144 popular problem deals, retained from previous versions of Bridge Baron.

Deal Library allows you to save and retrieve deals that you have found interesting or challenging. Build your own library of noteworthy deals.

The Tournaments program enables you to play the actual deals played in previous Bridge tournaments. Many of these tournaments are North American Bridge Championships (NABCs) hosted by the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL). You can play in any of the listed events and find out how you might have done had you been at the tournament and played in the event in question.

The Deal Generator lets you create deals meeting specified point-count and distribution criteria. You can also create deals conforming to specified bidding sequences.

This game can be installed in English or French.



Requires Mac OS 8.6 or higher.