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Brer Rabbit and the Wonderful Tar Baby

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Brer_Rabbit.toast_.sit (155.65 MB)
MD5: 4204f67e3a8559cb5fd11200b36e0c33
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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This is an interactive book with audio, activities and games for children of ages 3 to 7. The story which comes from a compilation of southern US folktales is completely visualized and narrated by famous movie star Danny Glover. Music by Taj Mahal and Henrik Dresher's illustrations set a perfect mood for the fracas. The text can be displayed while it is pronounced for early readers to learn the words. Aside from the story itself there's also games to be played. Parents can select games of an appropriate age level for their children. The games teach the children visual discrimination, classification, positional concepts and more. The game is part of the Storybook Adventures series and features the exact same interface as the other titles in the series: a magic bookmark that turns into a wizard as your guide. (MobyGames)

This is a hybrid Mac/PC disc image.

Architecture: 68k PPC

68030 CPU
SSW 7.0.1
640 x 480 display
256 colours


butterburger's picture
by butterburger - 2016, May 22 - 6:54am

Rabbit Ears reminds me of my childhood. My mother would tune in to Rabbit Ears Radio when I was a child.