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Blue's Reading Time Activities

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For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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Blue's Clues series


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2b7b4422eaeb696171f79e1c37e8d3cd blues_reading_time_activities.tgz
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Meet the Characters
Blue is a spirited, inquisitive little blue puppy. She's ready to be a reporter, are you?
Steve is watching the newsstand while Cash Register is away. He'll be on the bench reading your newspapers!
Baby Bear is in charge of the Layout Table. She'll make sure all your articles are in order.
Cash Register is sold out of newspapers! He could really use your help to create some more.
Dot is trying to put the Dictionary together, but it arrived without the words pasted in! If you help her, you may find another article for your newspaper.
Fan loves words! He's sitting on the table putting together a story. He would love to share his Sticker Story-maker with you!
Green Kitten is sitting at the table with Purple Kangaroo and Periwinkle. If you can help him remember his story, you will find another article for your newspaper.
Magenta is one of Blue's favorite preschool friends. She's playing Word Match Card Game with Shovel and Pail.
Mailbox is out and about around the neighborhood. He wants you to help him get to the bottom of the Neighborhood News.
Mr. Salt is outside the library playing Word Match Card Game with Mrs. Pepper and Paprika.
Pail is partnered up with Shovel for a game of Word Match Card Game with Magenta.
Periwinkle is making storybooks alongside Purple Kangaroo! He needs help with his story.
Purple Kangaroo is busy illustrating his book. Can you help him draw his story?
Scanner is minding the Sign-in screen. She'll keep track of all the names and colors!
Sergeant Ant will read all the words you've collected to move along the paths in search of the Neighborhood News.

Architecture: PPC

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by RedPro - 2015, September 18 - 8:23pm

THANK YOU! And here is a classic example as to why this website can prove indispensable to people like myself who need a solution. In the 1990's I bought the entire Blues Clues CD series for my little ones. I had a 2 year old and a 3 year old who basically wore out the disk's from playing them all the time. My wife and I now have another little one (the youngest and oldest are 15 years apart!) And OF COURSE I want to treat her to the Blues Clue collection which I know she'll love. Problem is, those disks are all scratched up, a couple still play but 3 do not. (The problem with CD media) I tried one of those CD "repair" machines (Which don't work, they do improve the disk but not completely repair it.) THIS IS GREAT! I downloaded the images and can play the games without the skipping, freezing. THANK YOU!!