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Blue's Birthday Adventure

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For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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Blue's Clues series


Contains two disc images (cooked Mode 1) and scan of printed CD. This is a later pressing/printing, copyright year 2002, published by Infogrames. Disc 1 (Yellow) label is misprinted, contains "What does Blue want to give her guests at her party? What does Blue want to eat at her party?". Disc 2 (Red) contains "What does Blue want to do at her party? What does Blue want to play?".
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2838155175 390445056 B-DAYdisc2.cdr
808f439f65710c8716fb7876b60c571c blues_clues_birthday_adventure.tgz
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948ed08076847371150931099d6ef64fd8c4808b blues_clues_birthday_adventure.tgz
8bde97c9cd36060523839b55a942de117af39d58 B-DAYdisc1.cdr
3f05dee1fb98c6e9a103b338d3464d47ee370123 B-DAYdisc2.cdr


excerpt from Readme

How to Play Blue's Birthday Adventure

Blue is an inquisitive puppy who lives with her friend Steve. In Blue's Birthday Adventure she's helping Steve plan her birthday party by leaving him clues—marked by a blue paw print—which Steve deciphers with your help.

There are two discs for Blue's Birthday Adventure and each disc has two "pathways". Each pathway includes one full Blue's Clues game with three clues, an interactive Handy Dandy Notebook, multi-level learning activities and more. The activities include matching and sorting items, creating a personalized birthday card, putting puzzles together, baking a cake and much more! By successfully solving each pathway you'll help make Blue's birthday the best ever!

The pathways can be played in any order and represent different preparations for Blue's birthday. Together, the pathways contribute to the overall story of the game: the preparation of and attendance at Blue's birthday party. Solving each clue set results in a reward, Blue's birthday party!

After you sign in, you'll see the Pathway Selection Screen. Click one of the icons and Steve will greet you just as he does on television! He'll explain what you're going to do and then you'll be free to explore and look for clues!

Some clues may be easy to find but others may require you to find an object and assist a character before you can uncover them.

The Party

Each pathway ends with Blue and her friends gathered around a picnic table outdoors. The clue solution always leads to a bonus activity that only appears in the game when you've completed the pathway. For example, in one of the pathways Steve must figure out what Blue wants to do at her party. She wants to put on a puppet show! In the party scene a puppet stage appears in the background. When you click on the stage little puppets act out stories you set up.

The objects collected during game play appear on the table in the Party Bag. The noisemakers are clickable surprises. Other objects gathered through activity play also appear here—like both gifts for Blue. When you click on these you'll see Blue opening her presents. Click on mailbox so he'll deliver the card you made to Blue.

Steve will sing the Birthday Song and everyone can join in! When you've solved all four pathways you can help Blue blow out the candles on the cake you helped make and you'll get a surprise for all your help!

Architecture: PPC

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by RedPro - 2015, September 18 - 8:23pm

THANK YOU! And here is a classic example as to why this website can prove indispensable to people like myself who need a solution. In the 1990's I bought the entire Blues Clues CD series for my little ones. I had a 2 year old and a 3 year old who basically wore out the disk's from playing them all the time. My wife and I now have another little one (the youngest and oldest are 15 years apart!) And OF COURSE I want to treat her to the Blues Clue collection which I know she'll love. Problem is, those disks are all scratched up, a couple still play but 3 do not. (The problem with CD media) I tried one of those CD "repair" machines (Which don't work, they do improve the disk but not completely repair it.) THIS IS GREAT! I downloaded the images and can play the games without the skipping, freezing. THANK YOU!!

SuperMew98's picture
by SuperMew98 - 2014, November 30 - 10:43pm

Thanks, but I remember there being two discs, where one was yellow and titled "Yellow Disc" and one red titled "Red Disc". Not sure if there is a difference between the two.