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Beating the House at Blackjack

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It is the intent of this program to introduce you to the basic concepts of the card counting techniques used by many people to establish an advantage over the casino when playing Blackjack.

In addition to presenting the concepts, you are given the chance to test what you have learned. This is invaluable in that you are given feedback as to how well you have learned.

No matter how much we study, and how we try to prove that we have mastered the strategy tables, human nature allows us to justify a couple minor errors. This is totally inadequate if we are serious about playing winning Blackjack.

The simulated game that is included in this package allows you to control many factors governing how the game is played. You have the ability to alter factors including the number of decks used, access to the count and strategy tables, and the number of additional players at the table.

The additional players in this game play at a variety of skill levels. This ranges from very simplistic and unscientific up to playing the Plus-Minus strategy to perfection. This was done in order to add realism to the game. Therefore, as is the case in real life, you do not want to make a play based on what you see others doing, or based on what they say. There is an endless list of tales on how to win at this game. You must learn to master the system, have complete faith in it, and disregard everything else you see or hear if you plan on...

Beating the House at Blackjack.

Version: 1.0

Architecture: 68k