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Barney Carnage

Game screenshot
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Barney_Carnage_2.5.sit (296.65 KB)
MD5: bdf39e15b8e445e8b11a1235d1cd1562
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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A stress-relieving (stress-inducing?) time killer where you kill the main character from the popular children's television program.

Icons of Barney fly across, or fade in on your screen. You select various weapons, and click him to watch him die. Similar to the original "Bunny Killer" game.

The screenshot shows what only ResEdit discovers.
I can't imagine anyone ever playing it so far.

Architecture: 68k

Runs in OS 9 using thousands of colours.


ThinkIndifferent's picture
by ThinkIndifferent - 2016, December 2 - 11:50pm

A little retrospective video:

amatecha's picture
by amatecha - 2010, July 2 - 10:36am

haha hell yes, this game was awesome! I used to play it with my friends in school... of course it was me that brought it in and put it on a bunch of the school's computers in the Mac lab... rofl Laughing out loud

someonebitmaleg's picture
by someonebitmaleg - 2010, July 2 - 6:25am

We only defeated ONE evil threat. Millions of others will follow.

grawlix.computing's picture
by grawlix.computing - 2009, June 3 - 5:59am

I could not get the game file to unstuff properly.