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Balance of Power: The 1990 Edition

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[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
balance_of_power_1990.sit (186.38 KB)
MD5: e46a0ae861a4b2a32f36ba4f595505ad
For System 1 - 5 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
BoPII.sit_.bin (204.00 KB)
MD5: f3d5792423883a4d820d0e3ae7cc1d29
For System 1 - 5 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (1.41 MB)
MD5: 1315217b2a672b35ab307a854a51bca7
For System 1 - 5 - Mac OS 9
This game works with: Mini vMac

A geopolitical strategy game of realpolitik in the nuclear age. Playing as either the USSR or the United States you ought to avoid a nuclear war while extending your superpower's prestige. Make or buy alliances, overthrow uncooperative governments and pursuing international popularity makes for an exceptionally deep gameplay. (at least by 80's standards)

This is the 1990 re-release. By comparison to the 1985 Balance of Power, it has been updated to include 18 new countries; a crisis advisory; a fourth, "multipolar" level; and a feature that allows you to discourage smaller countries from injudicious behavior.

The original 1985 edition of this game is available here.

2nd DL added for Windows emulators like Mini vMac. Just click on the file added to decompress it and valid a dialog box. This file is the original I've recompressed into Mini vMac with StuffIt 3 installed Inside (on my mac).

3rd DL added ( Simpler version of the above. I really wanted a version I could drag and drop straight into vMac rather than stuff about with stuffit.
Once you've downloaded this file, unzip, run vMac then drag and drop file to play (its also a boot disk). I've also loaded this onto a Floppy Emu Disk emulator for playing on my Mac Plus.

Architecture: 68k


crookintheguts's picture
by crookintheguts - 2017, June 3 - 2:16pm

I've put a new version up that should be much easier for MiniVMac.

MacTouch's picture
by MacTouch - 2016, September 27 - 5:17pm


Happy to learn that it's ok for you. I'm afraid that's not the only soft with this problem of compatibility. I solve it for another one few days ago. That solution is the only one functional I've tested. Fortunately, I have the hardware to make it possible. Anothers persons should encounter this problem on the site. And perhaps, I haven't seen anothers requests. However, by chance, I've seen yours, so... But people who upload here these old softs didn't know about this problem. If it happens again, I'll upload the compatible version. Smile

winterlight's picture
by winterlight - 2016, September 27 - 8:23am

Thank you MacTouch!!
It worked perfectly!!
In the time since my original post I got so frustrated I bought an iBook G4 JUST to use Mac emulators Smile (This is my very first Apple computer btw)
Getting BOP to work on mini vMac on OS 10.5.8 wasn't exactly easy but now I can play BOP on TWO OSes Smile :) Smile
Thanks again for making that compatible .sit Smile

MacTouch's picture
by MacTouch - 2016, September 23 - 6:00pm



I've just added a modified file for Windows emulators. After download, delete the character "_" behind ".sit" on the name of the file and add this one on your volume with HFVExplorer. In the emulator, drag & drop the file on StuffIt Expander and click "ok" on the prompt... Enjoy. Wink

ricimer's picture
by ricimer - 2016, September 23 - 1:16am

Hi! Hope someone can help me with this. I am not even sure it's the best section to post a question about this. I recently got an old powerbook G4 running Tiger and I was happy to find BoP on this website. I was easy to make it work as the classic environment is still supported on my setup and automatically opens when I launch Balance of Power. However, the window for BoP is only about a sixth of the screen and I am unable to make it bigger. Still usable but not nearly as pleasant as if I could be full screen or at least bigger. Any solution to that?
Many thanks!

winterlight's picture
by winterlight - 2016, September 17 - 6:32am

So now I'm trying to get the sit file to open up on System 6.0.8. Stuffit 4.0.1 won't recognize this file (I'm using HFVExplorer to add the sit file to the boot disk using mini vMac)
I'm a Windows person so I don't know my way around mac software.
Can someone tell me how to use the sit file in this environment please?

winterlight's picture
by winterlight - 2016, September 16 - 5:05pm

Hi Tanara, any chance you got around to creating a disk image? The sit file has defeated me... Sad

Tanara Kuranov's picture
by Tanara Kuranov - 2015, December 7 - 7:39pm

Well, I now have a copy of the original 1985 Balance of Power being shipped in. Expect to see that at some point in the future, at least when I get the opportunity to make a disk image.

24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2013, November 24 - 7:09pm

I´ll try with another host too.
I think I have the PPC MiniVMac in SheepShaver somewhere.
Maybe we could check the MiniVMac box for emulators?

fm2's picture
by fm2 - 2013, November 24 - 6:53pm

iBook G3/800 + Mac OS 9.2.2 -- OK
iBook G3/800 + Mac OS 9.2.2 + Mini vMac 3.2.3 + System 6.0.8 -- OK

24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2013, November 24 - 5:45pm

Does anyone know, for which kind of Macs the game was meant?
Seems to work with MiniVMacII or SheepShaver, but not with BasiliskII or MiniVMac.
Only tried with a 10.6.7 32bit host...