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Backslash.sit (521.65 KB)
MD5: 9ee223478a4e18be9041faec3238653d
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
This game works with: Basilisk II, Mini vMac

One night in the lab after the biologists have gone home, an experiment takes on a life of its own. A new vicious and rapidly spreading strain of fungus is born. Only the other fungi stand between you and unlimited growth. Your goal is to be the last fungus alive. Destroy the other fungi by spreading out and surrounding them.

Up to four players (human or computer).

Drag pieces into playarea (must be connected to your home square or growing territory)
Cursor keys / spacebar / click on next piece to rotate
B key or click on Bite count to bite (Bite = 1 square, Big Bite = 2 squares, Monster Bite = 3 squares)
G key to skip your turn

Architecture: 68k PPC


WhosIt.There's picture
by WhosIt.There - 2014, August 25 - 7:18am

I was just about to upload this (added a couple more screenshots instead).

My version (Backslash v1.2) works in Mini vMac under System 6.0.8 (no sound) right through to Mac OS 9.2.8 on PowerPC G3. An occasional glitch means it unexpectedly quits at the end of a game.

GJ's picture
by GJ - 2012, September 29 - 12:14am

This is the immortal freeware Fungus (five stars), but with some custom splash-graphics. Odd. At least the original author is credited. Still seems to flout the freeware conditions, though.

The real Fungus 2.0 can be found at Info-Mac:
I might make it my learn-how-to-upload-things-here project, if nobody beats me to it. (Please do.)