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Aymun: Aprendiz de Pirata

Game screenshot
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Aprendiz.iso_.sit (594.92 MB)
MD5: 9665221ec3eebf851fc638723ead4abd
For Mac OS X
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In the previous game, the Tufted pirates robbed the Sualis of the sacred stone of his village, but they never thought Aymun, the boldest of all Sualis, and his friend Justin, a mouse, would end up recovering the stone and fleeing the den of pirates in a zeppelin. However, when everything seemed resolved, Aymun became stuck in endless amazing and surprising situations as they flew back to the village of Sualis with the sacred stone. A "minor oversight" will make Aymun and Justin land in the wrong place far, far away from the village of Sualis. (Adventure Legends)

The game plays in Spanish.

The disc image contains Mac, Win and Linux versions of the game.

Earlier games in the Aymun series do not seem to be available for Mac.


128 MB RAM
800 x 600 display
Thousands of colours

To install the Mac version, run the Terminal shell script in OS X. You need Terminal installed (obviously) and Java.