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Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Path of Zuko

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MD5: bbce49f6252e0d58a59374197d5b031e
For Mac OS X
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Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Path of Zuko is a puzzle-solving video game for the PC and MAC based upon Avatar: The Last Airbender. The design of the game is in a super-deformed "chibi" style similar to the Avatar shorts. The game focuses on the events of Book Three entirely from the perspective of Prince Zuko. It begins with Zuko arriving back in the Fire Nation after the victory over Ba Sing Se and chronicles his decision to help the Avatar defeat the Fire Nation. The objective of the game is to help Prince Zuko navigate through seven missions, collecting objects along the way to help him. He must make his way through different mazes and, by firebending, punching, and dragging, solve the puzzles so he can find keys to unlock doors. The Path of Zuko also has a minigame that restores Zuko's chi. (Avatar Wiki)

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac) x86 (Windows)

Mac OS X (Universal) / Windows XP/Vista


SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2018, April 4 - 11:42pm

Works OSX 10.2.8 Jaguar, and probably lower still. It's entirely a Flash game that uses Adobe Flash v9.0. The download ".iso" is hybrid installers Mac/PC, the PeeCee side of things is more than half its size, the Mac UB installer app-containing-data is 75MB ~ but won't run installer in 10.2.8 - something fault code about access, I install with OSX 10.3/10.4 and from there am able to play using 10.2 - one might be able to switch Flash engine files to run this on other platforms...

THQ is credited ingame only likely for use of video software lib. The actual publisher is Nickelodeon and the actual author group is named "SMERC Design, Inc". Installer mentions the software *may* contain drm but I'm not sensing there is. All network is blocked here, so maybe if the game or installer 'connects outside' it could be worse.

Feels like a 32bit evolution of "Adventure 2600" (Atari) . i'm a fan, and intense Orient themeliness, i'd like to give this 4 stars but with its sell-your-soul license-agreement I knock it down to 3 star review.

SophieAyase's picture
by SophieAyase - 2014, April 22 - 3:35am

I don't know what the minimum requirements are for this (I would *guess* OS 10.4?), but it's working fine natively on OS 10.8.