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Argonaut 2149

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[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (9.26 MB)
MD5: ce3be920a753bec90c2ce8fed2fc0ca8
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
ArgonautSource.sit (8.46 MB)
MD5: f5ebb75f17adb1c7e239c0b60b0fe877
For Mac OS X
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Argonaut 2149 is an Asteroids-inspired arcade game and champion of the 2003 uDevGames contest. This is the last version (1.21), which includes a universal binary and a fix for 10.5 compatibility.

The second download contains the game's source code.


In the year 2149, giant asteroid fields are revealed in the far reaches of space. But these are no ordinary fields, they are highly concentrated with crystals of incredible rarity and value. Suddenly, untold wealth is up for grabs - that is, for those who dare venture to it. Thousands of the bravest pilots, most remorseless pirates, and most powerful corporations blast off to vie for it.

The most ambitious individuals call themselves Argonauts, those on a quest for their own "golden fleece" of sorts. Their ship of choice is the ZX-24, a single thruster fighter capable of housing laser blasters as well as vast arrays of missiles, bombs, and other exotic technology to fend off pirates and other aggressors. The ship's favor among Argonauts has deemed it the "Argo".

The Argo is their only friend in the lawlessness of the mines. Argonauts constantly battle with pirates and scathing scavengers just to stay alive. Nevertheless, with visions of vast wealth, you decide to enter the fray. The smiling salesman hands you the keys to your new ZX-24, and you head off into deep space. But can you hold your ground against the chaos of the crystal mines?

How To Play

The main goal of each level is to rid it of all the asteroids, and to collect the crystals you've released. At the end of each level, usually after you've destroyed all the asteroids, a space station will appear. The crystals can be exchanged in a store on this station for weapons and power-ups to aid in your quest for more fortune.

More than often, you will run into enemies including harmless scavengers, who merely wish to steal away the crystals you've released, and less forgiving pirates, who wish to blow your ship apart and steal your "booty". You may also run into large corporate ships which, like some commandeering companies we're aware of, don't appreciate your competition. In these situations, you can either fight back, or outmaneuver them in the fields until they meet their rocky doom.

Save Games

Between levels, at the weapon store, you can save your Argonaut game. The save game files are saved into "~Library/Application Support/Argonaut". You can access your save files from this folder to delete them, send them to friends, etc. When Argonaut has too many save games (10 of them) it deletes the save game that has not been played for the most amount of time. This is to keep things tidy for you. If you'd like to edit your save game (for cheating, or whatever floats your boat), you can use any XML editor, or even TextEdit, if you know what you're doing.

Architecture: PPC

Mac OS X, G3 400 MHz, 16 MB video card