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Arcade Madness

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Guides on emulating older games

A compilation of 39 freeware and shareware arcade titles (see cover image for the full list).



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by Temporary Joe - 2015, December 7 - 9:26pm

This is like the equivalent of the "700 in 1" cartridges for video games. They put a bunch of junk there and hope somebody buys includes completely useless things (they tried to pass off utilities for Marathon as a full game?!), dated versions of games (Blobbo Lite 1.0 was out of date by this time, and included a game breaking bug...and they had the public beta version of Dome Wars, which ruins the last best part about the titles, because Dome Wars was actually pretty cool), ones that probably weren't likely to work on 1996 computers (Scruffy) and ones that just plain suck (see Image 11? That's "Bonk" and is bad as it looks--you just click on the faces to score).

Don't bother with this one.