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Aquazone Deluxe

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AQUAZONE-Deluxe.img_.sit (10.21 MB)
MD5: af6e7e0f0b6ce8b0f87152b78d5294fb
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
This game works with: Basilisk II,

In Aquazone the fish live and they breed and they die. It is up to you on the tank conditions to get desired results. It is in real time and the clock does not stop when you turn off your computer. If they breed they will have fry and those fry will grow into fish and can also breed. Different species take different tank conditions. - Aquazone Information

AZ deluxe comes with: 6 species of tropical freshwater fish: Neon Tetra Leopard Catfish Angelfish Black Molly Red Phantom Tetra False Rummy-nosed Tetra. AQUAZONE Accessory Maker: Create your own custom animated AQUAZONE accessories! Unlimited Supply of Fish Food, Medicine & Water Conditioners, 4 Varieties of Gravel, 7 Aquarium Accessories,15 Tank Backdrops, 5 Aquatic Plant Species, 12 Pre-Conditioned Starter Tanks ready for your fish.

See also: Aquazone.

Architecture: 68k

If your Classic OS is not in English, put the preferences file in the native language preferences folder, for example 'tercihler' under Turkish.


PowerMacZach's picture
by PowerMacZach - 2019, October 17 - 4:42am

This is a really neat piece of software with fantastic visuals. Very in-depth. Works great under Mac OS 9.2.2

watchsmart's picture
by watchsmart - 2009, April 23 - 2:21pm

Runs well in Basilisk II with Mac OS 7. Check the readme for installation instructions.

PS: This is AWESOME.

Edit: Replaced 'xxx 7' with 'Mac OS 7' - IIGS User