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Ants Afire

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Ants_Afire.SIT (793.82 KB)
MD5: 8c54875e71cf15e167de7d926ae96fc7
For Mac OS 8 - 8.1
This game works with: SheepShaver,

A polygon shooter actually, where you try to burn ants with a magnifier. It gives an error code if you don't activate G3 Throttle.

Architecture: PPC

Requires G3 Throttle


CRT Revival Dreamer's picture
by CRT Revival Dreamer - 2021, May 10 - 1:12am

Does anyone know the origin of the guitar riff that sounds when the game is over by having the lollipop covered with bugs?
In all cases, somebody please upload all full versions of Ants Afire Pro!

cbone's picture
by cbone - 2020, August 2 - 3:39pm

The original soundbyte, from Hot Ideas in '92 is actually part of a 40-disc collection from Sound ldeas.

Interesting tidbit: UPenn's Franklin library has both this fine 40-compact disc collection and a second 15-disc collection of ambience sound effects, which students and staff can borrow for 24 hours, thanks to a generous $8.5M fund by Dr. Adolph G. Rosengarten, Jr. a 1930 UPenn grad. Additional sidenote: Rosengarten Jr., a WWII vet, also turned his parent's estate into Chanticleer, a beautiful historic garden.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2020, July 31 - 11:47pm

Ah, the marvelous DVD Decrypter Wink

Who's author is the creator of ImgBurn, BTW, and yes, it uses the same sounds.

cbone's picture
by cbone - 2020, July 31 - 11:32pm

It's the same as Elbys CloneDVD and possibly even DVD Decrypter Smile they all initially came out after Ants Fire, so the rabbit trail begins here, actually!

KlaxMaster's picture
by KlaxMaster - 2020, July 31 - 10:36pm

Anybody know what that 'win' jingle is? Imgburn uses when a CD finishes burning as well... This is the only other place i've heard it

izlude's picture
by izlude - 2015, July 10 - 12:04am

Ran in sheepshaver. Works great. Love this game as it reminds me of my elementary school days... I'm planning to get a Power Mac 5500 (I think we had the 5200 in school) but a 5500 will assure all these good old apps will run at optimal performance. I'd rather not go with a G3 or G4 because they may have speed issues... Props to whoever posted this game.

iBook_Clamshell's picture
by iBook_Clamshell - 2014, March 26 - 10:56pm

It says it requires G3 Throttle, but G3 throttle will only work for a G3. I am running an iMac G4.
I tried out the game however, and it came up with warning dialogs several times while the game was starting up. I clicked continue each time, and it worked!
It's a very cool game, but it's a little fast on an 800MHz CPU.

By the way, is there any free G4 Throttle? I googled it, but couldn't find anything.

watchsmart's picture
by watchsmart - 2009, June 15 - 3:21pm

Seems to run best in SheepShaver. It crashed Basilisk II on my system. Your results, however, may vary.