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AMBER: Journeys Beyond

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[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
amber_aimage.sit (227.54 MB)
MD5: 9063d74219939521b43870da1a5da5e5
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 8 - 8.1
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
amber_bimage.sit (357.58 MB)
MD5: 6ce49ede43c863dc02c0d216fa250d2b
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 8 - 8.1
This game works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II,

AMBER: Journeys Beyond begins with you receiving an email from a coworker who is concerned about your mutual friend Roxy, who has been working on an interesting new paranormal device. You drive up to Roxy's country home and arrive at nightfall. Your journey begins at this point.

AMBER is like the illegitimate lovechild of Myst and H.P. Lovecraft—the graphics and gameplay style are similar to Myst, but instead of finding yourself trapped on the island of Myst, you're trapped in a place more akin to Arkham or Innsmouth.

AMBER is a subtle, beautiful example of just how unnerving a really well done piece of paranormal horror can be.

Several peculiar things happened during the process of AMBER especially toward the end of the project. Just minutes before we were going to press the golden master for AMBER, the power went out. We were without power for two days. When the power came back on, it was Friday the 13th; a fitting day to press a paranormal golden master! However, after we pressed the golden master, we found that we couldn't get the disk to run. Every time we tried to run the disk, the game would crash during the opening animation. We checked everything - the source data, we checked for system conflicts - nothing. Finally, we looked very closely at the data side of the disc and found the letters "A-M-B-E-R" etched onto the surface, but it was scratched out backwards, like a mirror image. We eventually came up with a rational explanation. But at the time it creeped me out.
- Susan Wimmer, Hue Forest Entertainment

Architecture: 68k PPC

Minimum System requirements:
• 68040 or PPC
• Mac OS 7.0 or better
• A display that supports Thousands of Colors
• 5MB of free RAM (preferably 8+MB)
• QuickTime 2.1 or higher
• Sound Manager 3.1 or higher

Note: I've attempted to play this game in an OS 9.0.4 SheepShaver environment, only to discover that none of the video clips show up. I've tried every form of OS 9 QuickTime and still haven't been able to get the video to show up. It may or may not work in OS 8, but it will definitely work in OS 7.0 to at least 7.5.5.


AmberLover's picture
by AmberLover - 2013, December 21 - 2:37am


I'm not sure. It says I have 500,000 Kb free on the target disk, and I have plenty of memory available as well...

macjames's picture
by macjames - 2013, December 19 - 8:44am

Ok it seems you have the correct file sizes. The error makes me think maybe you're running out of disk space in your emulator?

AmberLover's picture
by AmberLover - 2013, December 19 - 6:50am

Cool, looks like the A image is 374 MB and the B image is 625 MB. Is that right? I was able to mount them in Sheepshaver, and when I install it, it gets to the very end, it says "Error Creating File 1008:5; -44"

Sigh... I'm on OS9 ROM with Sheepshaver. Any ideas? I'm about to give up...

macjames's picture
by macjames - 2013, December 19 - 5:17am

OK now that we know the files are intact, the fact that they end in .1 and .2 is for a reason, they are split. When stuffit decompresses the file, it joins part 1 and 2 and then it decompresses the image. If no error is reported then you're finished. This means you don't have to try to decompress parts ending in .2 separately. Check your decompressed images, they must be around 600MB and ready to use.

AmberLover's picture
by AmberLover - 2013, December 19 - 2:06am


First off, just wanted to say thanks for your help so far. I'm so grateful someone is helping me relive my childhood like this! You rock.

Second, I'm an idiot. I was doing a shasum checksum and not the MD5. So I tried all the checksums using the md5 command, and guess what? Now, they all match yours.

However, I still can only unpack the AMBER A Image.sit.1 file. The rest give me an assortment of errors:

AMBER A•image.sit.2: "The StuffIt Engine was unable to determine the file format."
AMBER B•image.sit.1: Well, shucks. As I tried unpacking each one to report the error messages here, this one actually worked! Huzzah.
AMBER B•image.sit.2: Same "unable to determine the file format" error as the other one.

Well, shoot! 2 out of 4 is much better than 1 out of 4!

I've tried re-downloading the other ones, to no avail. Still get the exact same error message; the checksums do line up. I'm not getting the "newer version" error anymore though, which I guess is promising.

SwedeBear's picture
by SwedeBear - 2013, December 18 - 1:11pm

@amberlover: you mention using the latest version of Stuffit Expander. You might succed in unpacking if using an older version. From memory the message '…was made with a newer version of Stuffit Expander…' can occur when trying to unstuff older archives with a newer Expander.

Try running your dl:ed images with Expander 5.5.

Alas I don't have a good explanation why the checksums differ thus hinting a possible file corruption unless the server has 'been at it' with those files…

macjames's picture
by macjames - 2013, December 18 - 5:42pm

Something is corrupting your downloads or the files are being transferred incomplete. I am assuming you did your verifications via the terminal. Check the size of your files using my output as a guide and comparison. The files here are in the Downloads folder:

localhost:Downloads macjames$ md5 AMBER\ *
MD5 (AMBER A•image.sit.1) = 67d7900bbd7fdbce3463f319ce9e9c77
MD5 (AMBER A•image.sit.2) = 635bbeb64f44ed0e49704c14fd9fe613
MD5 (AMBER B•image.sit.1) = 1f297e8584f96051c75e1a02149ff016
MD5 (AMBER B•image.sit.2) = 294bdd60c85a9155e9d4736c4e6b4d5f
localhost:Downloads macjames$ ls -l AMBER\ *
-rw-r--r--@ 1 macjames staff 199884800 Dec 16 03:50 AMBER A???image.sit.1
-rw-r--r--@ 1 macjames staff 38746296 Dec 16 03:52 AMBER A???image.sit.2
-rw-r--r--@ 1 macjames staff 199884800 Dec 15 20:38 AMBER B???image.sit.1
-rw-r--r--@ 1 macjames staff 175122920 Dec 15 20:41 AMBER B???image.sit.2

AmberLover's picture
by AmberLover - 2013, December 18 - 2:44am

Dang it, I just re-downloaded it and got the same checksum and same error for Amber B Image 1. Any tips?

AmberLover's picture
by AmberLover - 2013, December 18 - 2:38am

OK, cool. Here's what I got for AMBER B Image 1:
And Image 2:

Yikes. So do I just retry over and over again until it works?

macjames's picture
by macjames - 2013, December 17 - 10:05am

google "md5 checksums" or "osx md5 checksums". It's a method to verify integrity of files.

AmberLover's picture
by AmberLover - 2013, December 17 - 8:26am

I hate to say it, but I have no idea what that comment means... Sad

I am very un-tech-savvy

macjames's picture
by macjames - 2013, December 16 - 9:55am

Downloaded the two Amber B parts from the link above and it decompresses fine. Burning in toast right now. Check your downloads against this:
MD5 (AMBER B•image.sit.1) = 1f297e8584f96051c75e1a02149ff016
MD5 (AMBER B•image.sit.2) = 294bdd60c85a9155e9d4736c4e6b4d5f

AmberLover's picture
by AmberLover - 2013, December 16 - 3:08am

Hi everybody,

I love this game, but I can't seem to unpack it correctly into Sheepshaver.

I downloaded StuffIt from the stuffit website. It seems to be the most recently updated version. But when I try to unpack the B Disc, I get an error saying that the archive was created with a newer version of StuffIt. Hmmm... Then I try it again and it says the archive must be damaged.

Is there any way someone could try to re-upload the disc images? The only one I could get to work was the Big Disc A file.

Slik's picture
by Slik - 2013, October 19 - 12:54am

In 8.6 on SheepShaver, QuickTime 4 and 5 don't show the movies. However, the installer includes QuickTime 2, which will show the movies. Just disable the newer QuickTime extensions, reboot, and install AMBER. The installer will install the necessary QuickTime 2 extensions.

El Residente's picture
by El Residente - 2013, August 12 - 7:21pm

Great! This one ran without argument on my PDQ. I usually turn off game music (it distracts me, not being the sharpest tool in the shed with games), so I can't corroborate opinions of it.

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2013, July 17 - 7:08am

It's out of print there in the ASH Shop in Germany,
but I post this link here because of the nice "Does not run under Lion" symbol.

drinniol's picture
by drinniol - 2012, October 18 - 10:31am

Redownloaded, working fine. Thanks.

SwedeBear's picture
by SwedeBear - 2012, October 16 - 8:39pm

StuffIt Expander should do fine. As long as all the files resides in the same folder.

drinniol's picture
by drinniol - 2012, October 16 - 11:49am

What format are those CD images on Mediafire in? I thought I had to join them with hjsplit but that didn't work.

MadMac's picture
by MadMac - 2010, September 4 - 8:30am

Damn, maybe it was the catharsis i get over the playtime, but this game is really special...
i mean, first example: how do you react to the words in the mirror?... if it happens to me, ill probably sh*t on my pants!
Very good game.

MCP's picture
by MCP - 2010, June 9 - 11:38pm

"Just wait until I start gleaning through all the old shareware bundle discs and MacAddict CDs I've got!"

Macgirl84, before you starting an uploading binge, check my Old Mac Archive to make sure you don't waste any time duplicating what's already been done:

macgirl84's picture
by macgirl84 - 2010, June 9 - 7:38pm

@bertyboy: Just wait until I start gleaning through all the old shareware bundle discs and MacAddict CDs I've got!

bertyboy's picture
by bertyboy - 2010, June 9 - 7:20pm

Excellent effort macgirl84,

So many new titles in just a few days. Big thanks from Edinburgh / London.

amatecha's picture
by amatecha - 2010, June 9 - 8:55am

You're right - in fact you could do that on OS 8 as well. I copied the whole CD to my HD and then made the hidden folder visible using ResEdit. Lots of interesting stuff in there including some graphics from the game, lots of sounds too.

macgirl84's picture
by macgirl84 - 2010, June 9 - 7:24am

I have discovered a fun trick if you're on an OS X based Mac:
1) Open OnyX and set it to show invisibles
2) load the image of Disc B
3) you can now go inside the folders and watch all the .mov files!

It almost brings back the memories as good as playing the game itself. Almost...

amatecha's picture
by amatecha - 2010, June 8 - 9:53am

Yes! I love this game!!! I have the real CDs, if anyone wants photos/scans or anything. Not sure if I have the original box stuff still, can't remember.

Seriously awesome game though. One of the music files in the game was really catchy and I used to listen to it every once in a while Smile This game has actually really inspired my music and graphics work and I actually think of it quite often when both designing sounds for music, and when coming up with visual concepts for artwork. I know it sounds weird, but I just loved the style this game had. Smile