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Aki - Mahjong Solitaire

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aki_1.2.dmg (20.16 MB)
MD5: 2c642f8acd3c772c32514b333443b7f6
For Mac OS X
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Like classic Mahjong solitaire games, Aki - Mahjong Solitaire tasks you with making all the ivory tiles disappear by matching them. Tiles are arranged in piles, and only tiles that are unblocked on either side can be removed. You're limited by time, however, so be decisive. The game features fragments of the scenery and culture of Japan as well. (Macworld)

The download is v. 1.2, released in 2008. The game was originally released in 2003.

A copy of v. 1.1.0 is on the MacFormat 153 cover CD-ROM. If anyone has a copy please upload v. 1.1.0 here.

To register:

1) Make sure your Mac is not connected to the Internet so that the game cannot access a time server
2) Set the system date to 1st May 2007
3) Enter the following registration details:

Name: Special [K]
Copies: 200

4) Register the game and Quit
5) Reconnect to the Internet if you previously disconnected, and reset the system date.

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)


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by pmaciel - 2019, December 29 - 12:29pm

Another registration:
Name: Pedro Maciel
Copies: 1
License Code: X37J-RDEP-3YC6