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Airline Tycoon Deluxe

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MD5: a09fbf35d0a7604b6e43675be21f65b1
For Mac OS X
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Airline Tycoon Deluxe is a comic-styled simulation where you manage an airline, competing against other tycoons. Players have to buy new planes or repair old ones from a museum, keep the customers happy and the planes in good shape, and apply for bank loans. You also need to design and decorate the airport facilities, use security measures against opponents or sabotage other planes yourself, along with full maintenance of the stock market listing, route plans, order books and marketing.

A universal binary updater is included on the CD.

Architecture: PPC

PPC G3/G4/G5
Mac OS X 10.2
128 MB RAM


tevion5's picture
by tevion5 - 2017, December 21 - 2:36am

Downloaded and UB patched successfully, but it doesn't seem to run on a modern Intel MBP with MacOS Sierra. Will try it out later on my Quicksilver and G5 Quad, with Tiger and Leopard respectively.