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AGON is an adventure game developed and sold in episodes by Private Moon Studios. Initially, 14 episodes were planned, but Private Moon only completed four episodes. The first three are London Scene, Adventures in Lapland and Pirates of Madagascar and are uploaded here. These three episodes were later bundled and published in 2006 by Viva Media in AGON: The Mysterious Codex. A fourth episode (The Lost Sword of Toledo) was eventually published in 2008 by Kalypso Media. A fifth episode, The Tale of the Four Dragons, under development by Private Moon for intended release in 2009, was cancelled.

(Description below adapted from Adventure Gamers)

Download #1 (AGON Episode 1: London Scene)
Professor Samuel Hunt works for the British Museum as a historian of culture. One day he receives a letter that contains vague allusions to a geometric drawing currently found in the storage rooms of the musueum which will provide directions to 12 secret destinations, along with a manuscript relating to some kind of extraordinary treasure.

Download #2 (AGON Episode 2: Adventures in Lapland)
The professor sets off across the world to gain clues as to the location of AGON, the ultimate board game. This episode concerns Samuel’s trip to Lapland in search of the second clue to the final location of AGON. As with the first episode, no one seems too happy to help him along his path, as they all have liquor to drink, complicated machinery to maintain, and keys to lose.

Download #3 (AGON Episode 3: Pirates of Madagascar)
Our returning middle-aged professor pulls ashore near a small fishing village. Believing the board game he seeks to be in the possession of the local chief, the professor soon discovers that the game has long since been stolen by pirates and hidden somewhere in the jungle. Accused of being a (rather well-mannered and articulate) pirate himself, but without a map where X marks the spot, the professor must decipher clues and solve a complex series of puzzles to locate the buried "treasure".

The installer disc image for Episode 1 seems to be an original publisher version. However, the downloads for Episodes 2 and 3 are not original. I have not been able to find original copies of these installer disc images (better for archival purposes).


If anyone has Episode 4, please upload it. Also, original installer disc images for Episodes 2 and 3 are welcome.


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