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Adventure Inlay: Safari Edition

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AdventureInlaySafari.dmg (10.68 MB)
MD5: f5e68b5cb1998632f3b4ff95e4db03ed
For Mac OS X
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Adventure Inlay Safari is a game in which you must fill a grid with stones. To complete a level you must fill the grid completely with the stones given without leaving any empty space. The stones will be provided in a sort of conveyor belt and you must pick them up and place them on the grid. If the conveyor belt gets full of stones, the game is over. The stones can be rotated, so you can fit them on the grid. Unwanted stones can also be discarded by dropping them in the discard box. There are special pieces such as a Wand and Pick, which can help you transform the stones to make them fit the grid. Moreover, if you place a stone over a green star you will get bonus points. (Mac Informer)

(v. 1.1)

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mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2020, August 31 - 6:47am

Scott, I have removed your upload as it is identical to mine. I got my copy from an archive of a MacGameStore download server. I put GameHouse as the publisher as they were the original seller and there is no MacGameStore DRM in the version

scott Praed's picture
by scott Praed - 2020, August 31 - 6:21am

I upload Adventure Inlay: Safari Edition from mac game store.

My serial

License name Macgamestore147
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