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Adventure (aka Colossal Cave Adventure)

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MD5: 97b005d60d12d47df437507f2f81f282
For System 1 - 5 - Mac OS 9
This game works with: Mini vMac

Here are several Macintosh versions of the original Adventure game that spawned Interactive Fiction.

The first Mac port was from L. W. James and Associates, who sold their MS BASIC version for $29.95 mail order in 1985. It was later made $10 "honorware" in 1990, which is the copy archived here. An image of the 1985 disk would still be appreciated.

Read more at and Baf's Guide to the IF Archive.

Architecture: 68k


ClockWyzass's picture
by ClockWyzass - 2020, October 12 - 9:24am

If you’re curious about the origins of (text) adventure games, then you absolutely have to play and win (i.e., get all the way through) the 350 and 550 versions at least once. However, before you start, physically prepare by gathering one or more walkthroughs and one or more maps of each version, and mentally prepare by accepting the fact that these early games in this genre are highly unrefined and therefore can be very frustrating and tedious to play.

If you don’t understand what the version numbers of this game mean, then you should also read about the history of this game. Most of the other versions, other than the 350 and the 550, aren’t dramatically different; they mostly only have some odd/interesting additions that can be nearly impossible to figure out and that don’t add very much to the overall gameplay. That, and nearly all of the walkthroughs and maps that exist for this game exist only for the 350 and 550 versions.

Regarding the 350 versions that are included in this download, I have the following observations:

The AGT version
▪ has a cleaner, more structured interface;
▪ but doesn’t recognize some of the room names;
▪ and seems to end in death (as a result of combat) much more frequently than other versions.

The James and Associates version:
▪ has a much less sophisticated interface;
▪ but recognizes all of the room names (as far as I can tell);
▪ and seems to flow much smoother than other versions.

As far as compatibility is concerned, I tested the 350 and 550 versions on Mini vMac with System 6, and they seemed to work fine. Text-only (non-graphic) Mac apps from the mid-80s can often run on System 6, 7, or even 8 without crashing (unlike mid-80s Mac apps with graphics or animation that nearly always freeze up or crash without pre-6 OSs).

Also, for some reason, I had to tweak the user permissions on all of the disks before the Mini vMac emulator would load them.

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by SkyCapt - 2017, January 30 - 2:08am

fanclub, downloads, maps rendered via CAD pen "plotters":

This download says the collection does not (will not?) include
z-code versions, which is a legit alternative to these old questionable apps. Should there be another page for Adventure in z-code, playable using Zoom, MaxZip, infinity, etc. There's over a dozen versions of CCA in the IF Database...

So there's a set of 4 unrelated ".dsk" files in this download, and like a lot of guys I have trouble using .dsk files. These are HFS not MFS but They show blank Creator/Type codes, and, I got all 4 to work by assigning Creator code "ddsk" and Type code "DDim", OSX (Tiger) begins working immediately. Then in OS9 I got error #-5000 (no access privileges) and needed to further adjust the file permissions using OSX Tiger, from initially read-only, to read/write - to make these .dsk images open in OS9.

screenshot says "We will upload a new quality ho", I'm still waiting for mine.

swamprock's picture
by swamprock - 2014, July 14 - 8:36pm

I still have the original working floppy of this game. Great fun Smile

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by sfp1954 - 2017, January 25 - 4:41pm


I had the DEC Fortran code for this (and had it running on a PDP 11/03 with 64K of RAM) and figured out how to play the perfect game (all treasures with a minimum of moves).
You are in a maze of twisty little passages...

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by gloves12 - 2011, December 16 - 3:18am

The original Interactive Fiction game!!