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MD5: f4624eb3ff9c322dbbf862eb0bb14cc8
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9

Acquire is a very simplistic point and click game in which there are several pictures of various items on the screen. You must click on them to ACQUIRE them. By acquiring the correct items, you will gain points.

But beware, if you click on the "evil eye," the bottle of poison, or the bomb, you will lose points. Although, there are no explosions, and you don't have to worry about how many "lives" you have left!

Be careful when items overlap, you can't be sure which item you will get if you click where they overlap. Also, be careful about the ghost images left behind after you click on overlapping items. It can be hard to tell if they are good for points or a penalty.

After about 130 seconds, the game is over, and your final score is displayed.

Architecture: 68k

At least 500 KB of free RAM

Color monitor is recommended, because although it works in B&W, there is one picture that is totally white.

Note: Everytime you click a picture, the Mac beep sound will play, so it might be a good idea to turn sound off, because it gets annoying very fast!