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Ace Explorer

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This game teaches reading and sequencing skills to students aged 7–13.

The MegaHist disk that records all historical events has crashed. Much of history has been lost or has been mixed up. The facts need to be rediscovered and recorded accurately. Mission Control has chosen you to command the spaceship Chronicle, as you take on the identity of Ace Explorer. You must land among aliens and communicate with these strangers to uncover the truth before history is lost forever.

As Ace Explorer, you will receive each historical puzzle from Mission Control. To rewrite history, you must land to interrogate the visible aliens, use the Technophone to research leads, then select a planet where valuable clues may be found. As you uncover facts, they are recorded into the computer's data file. When you have all the facts, sequence them in the order they occurred; then, submit them to Mission Control for data verification. You must do this before time runs out and communication channels are broken.

Ace Explorer™ on Disk 1 is the game application, which runs by itself in black and white. The optional color data file can be obtained from a self-extracting archive on Disk 2, and placed together with the application on a hard drive.

The first time you run the game, Disk 1 must be mounted (unlocked) so that it can be "personalized" with your name.

Architecture: 68k