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abracadabra.sit (10.75 MB)
MD5: 76eba7bf6e5a783ed2360661093db6a8
For Mac OS X
This game works with: QEMU

A little fantasy platform game...

Welcome to Abracadabra

Rescue the Faeries!
Make your way through the worlds of Abracadabra and free the Faeries if you dare !
Release the faeries by collecting the bells.
Find the key and get to the exit door before the monsters get you !!!

The help (documentation) are in English and French. Tutorials are also in Japanese, German and Italian.

Architecture: PPC (Carbonized)

G4 @ 450 MHz or more processor is recommended.

Note: in fullscreen mode, if the game cannot set your screen to 640*480, the game will be placed into the top left corner and remove all menu bars...

If played in windowed mode, the screen depth will be changed to 16 bit; it will result in a flash on exiting the game (because your computer is restoring the depth to its original state).

Quitting all opened applications will result in better gaming performance.