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Joined: 2009 Dec 7
Ye olde toc bug

It appears the old Table of Contents bug has resurfaced. Rats I thought we'd squashed that one.

Once you re-edit the page description and save your changes you get the message:

The content you saved contains a table of contents. A separate summary (teaser) has been automatically created without the table of contents at the top. If you make any further changes, be sure to check the summary field to see if your changes apply there as well.

It occurs even if you place the toc at the top of the page description. -- "summary field" is it just mentioning itself ?


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It's a particular and weird bug that seems to be behaving a bit as it feels when editing pages with a toc table, sometimes it works, sometimes it feels like doubling up.

I'll have another dive into the source and have a look