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Why is running slowly Alone in the Dark 1?

When i start the game works perfectly put the game runs slow, i was thinking that it was the ram so i increased put didnt make effect...what is it?, its the ram or the rom?, what i need to change?


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The game is worse than walking through tar on my side too in SheepShaver.
There is no GPU emulated in SheepShaver, that may be a reason.
That said, there is nothing you can change or improve in SheepShaver.

Qemu plays Alone In The Dark somewhat faster, if you choose a build with Altivec and sound support. Emaculation has some Qemu PPC builds emulating a Mac G3 - GPU emulation is not completed though.

For games of that time it may be more promising to try them in Windows and VirtualBox, given you have the Windows flavour as well. VirtualBox does have GPU emulation, same for VMWare.

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Hi 24bit i try to play on here and download the mac version, the only think is that i dont have i turned on?

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The game is hosted here for some time, why go astray? Uploaded in 2009 by macwise.

What you may try is MiniVMac II and MacOS 7.5.
I´ll upload to my ISP in a minute.
After starting MiniVMac II, drag the MacII_HD75.dsk onto the screen and run the game.
When the game starts, press Alt and Escape at the same time to see this:


Settings are changed by pressing the return key.
If this works for you, I may add the setup to the game page.
Be aware that this MiniVMac build is 32bit only, so it will be useless with 10.15 Catalina or later.

Feel free to try this:

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One thing I forgot.
Gatekeeper will stop you from running unsigned apps in macOS 10.12 or higher.
This is how to get around these hilarious security features and run the app from the download above.
Be aware of the fact that your Mac is less "secure" that way.

Apps from Anywhere:

How to allow installation of apps from anywhere in macOS
Since Gatekeeper is the problem, removing it will allow you to install apps from other sources without any trouble. Removing Gatekeeper totally is not easy but it can be disabled temporarily or permanently. We will start with the temporary disabling of the Gatekeeper.
Option 1: Using Terminal to Disable Gatekeeper
1. Open “Terminal” in macOS

Open Terminal in macOS

2. Key in the command below:
sudo spctl --master-disable
Type in your user password.
Hit return. Thats it.

Disabling Path Randomisation:

Using xattr, step by step:
* From the Finder, choose the “Utilities” from the “Go” menu.
* Find the “Terminal” application (in the “Utilities” folder just opened), and launch it.
* Type “xattr -cr ” (not including the quotes, but including the trailing space), into the Terminal window that has just opened.
* Drag the icon of the Mini vMac application into the terminal window. (This should paste in the path string). The result should look something like:
xattr -rc /Volumes/rd/Mini\
* Press the return key to execute the command. (This clears all extended attributes of all files in the application bundle.)
* You should now be able to launch Mini vMac without interference from Gatekeeper and Path Randomization.