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Which Mini vMac download should I use

I have been experimenting with Mini vMac so I can play the old games of my childhood and I see so many choices. I was recommended the fifth download but that looks like something I already have. I followed the guide ( recommended up to the part about "getting things into the emulator" as I found out I don't need Importfl. What I really want is a boot disk with all the essential programs, right now I have what the guide gave me and I feel I might be lacking.
Do I want the first download and is that for windows? Also mini vmac has a very small screen. I understand there's a way to increase the size with something called a "compiler" but the link ( looks like I need to be a computer programmer. Is there something like in BasiliskII where I can just adjust the size?


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Might be better off asking this in the emaculation forums, but I'll provide a bit of help here. You want the Mini vMac II variations page:

But if you want a larger screen, you'll have to either compile the software yourself, or use -- note that using Paul's service means you'll need to donate to become a sponsor and enter a sponsor code, or you'll be running a demo version of the software with watermarks and potentially other limitations.