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What to do with BIN/CUE?

So I understand, what BIN/CUE is, but I don't know, how to use it. I might burn a CD, but I don't have a CD-burner around and I'd prefer some kind of image file anyway.
Is there a way at MacOS to create a virtual CD as with Daemon Tools for Windows?



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Use the tool bchunk. You will find it on the internet.
Or here:

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Sure bchunk is the way, brew and terminal will need to be used.

Keep in mind though, that bin/cue was picked for a reason as archiving format.
Many CDs could not be stored as ISO, because tracks or data would get lost.
This is especially true for mixed mode CDs and game CDs.
Some games will not even work without the physical CD being mounted.
On the other hand, recent versions of SheepShaver do support mounting the bin part.
Either way, do not expect all bin files to be processed successfully.

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You should be able to load it in Toast and save as a regular disk image.
As long as they are in the same folder just drag and drop the CUE file and Toast should pick the correct BIN file.
That's ssuming it wasn't created as a BIN/CUE for the reasons 24bit lists.
In some cases a real CD is your only option.

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I didn't even realize, that Roxio is still in existence. (Who is still using CDs/DVDs today?) Because there's no free version of Toast, I'll give bchunk or Demon Tool a try.

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Lots of version of Toast on here.

The only way to install Snow Leopard, Lion or Mt. Lion to get an older system back up and running is by burning a DL-DVD.

And many of us burn some of the thousands of retro games on this site to CDs.

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There is Daemon Tools for Mac as well, but I have not tried it. Also it is probably only for OS X but I have not checked. If Daemon Tools will only run in OS X then you could try mounting the virtual disc and then making a Toast image for mounting in Mac OS. I have not tested this idea though.

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I keep AnyToISO handy.