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Joined: 2021 Mar 4
voluntary request re disk images?

just wondering if theres anyone who wouldn't mind looking through an archive of several disk images archived into a single file with stuffit11 least theres anything system7-era that doesn't error-bomb and is of unique interest to the garden by then?
(I'll upload the 6.9mb file somewhere on web for this purpose that is)

I mean I've already tried write one of the several dmg file back to an actual blank disk and it looks like it was good but right now I can't really test much further than that for a while tho


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6.9 MB's , I assume you mean something a little larger than this Wink

I think place it up somewhere and let others take a look at it. I'll probably also take a look at it.

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Joined: 2021 Mar 4

I'm certain that stuffit compressed all that empty space inside the dmg files but anyhow...
let me know if that didn't work and I'll figure out a different way to get a bunch of dmg files into a web-friendly format)

but anyhow heres the summary of what dmgs are in there;
SAM 3.5.6 (not sure if 3.5 = 3.5.6 after all)
ms powerpoint
ms powerpoint 'cliparts' (may be unique?)
ethertalk 5.6.1 (may be already duplication on garden)
word 5.1a disk 1&2
norton utilities 2.0
equation editor & ms graph (former may not be unique?)
unknown VB extension (may not be worth recovering)
unknown control panels (likewise ^)
filemaker disks (more than filemaker itself but not sure if they were official)

on a side note I found 'mini-cad plus 2.0' shortly after making this one sitx file but will upload it at a later time as I have a small pile of 2mb disks to look through yet

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Joined: 2021 Mar 4

well there were a lot of blank and a few personal disks left in the remaining heap so there wasn't as that much to actually upload for sharing this time

and the dmgs are as following;
mini-cad plus 2.0
macdraw pro (may be duplication on garden)
mpack 1.5 + apple file exchange (not sure if both are usable as they were?)
'MIP (eng)' unknown disk
go!go!train + sail away (latter would appear to be already on garden I suspect)
mavis typing tutor IV*
and one final dmg that had misc tiny games, not sure if its 100% duplications

*osx tiger for some reason inserted a desktop.db file before I realized it but the actual folder on disk seem untouched tho

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I was unable to extract the content of these files, sorry. I tried StuffIt Expander, The Unarchiver, and unar (command-line Unarchiver). All gave the same results, the clearest error message was from unar which stated:

'Archive parsing failed (Attempted to read more data than was available.)'
then also StuffIt's error message:
'An error has occurred while expanding the file "mar13disks.sitx" (Format error.)'
and I got the same errors for "mar14disks.sitx".

- For old pre OS X apps, don't use .sitx or .dmg, both of these formats aren't useable on early Mac systems (.dmg can be accessed on OS 9.1 to 9.2.2 but only if the .dmg is a flat file created using no compression).

It would be easier to access these items on earlier Mac OS's if you simply archived using StuffIt's ".sit" format (never .sitx) and you should set StuffIt's preferences to saving as ".sit" using "fastest" compression and no (OS X) hidden system files, i.e.; .DS_Store etc. And don't bother with .dmg as its largely useless on classic Mac OS's.

You can upload ".sit" files safely across networks as is, as they don't contain Mac resource fork data. And setting StuffIt's Preferences to the "fastest" setting, creates ".sit" archives that are backwards compatible with StuffIt version 5.5 (useable on Macs running Mac OS 7.1 to 9.2.2 on 68020 hardware or newer).

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Joined: 2021 Mar 4

thanks for trying, will see what else I can do when I get back after a long day starting soon! at least I've set these actual disks aside in a separate place so its no problem restarting anything if needed

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As a quick return I've re-stuffed these .sitx-archives into plain .sit and uploaded them here:
and here:
Opened and de-archived fully under High Sierra and StuffIt 16.0.5
Re-stuffed in Classic under Tiger with DropStuff 5.5

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Joined: 2009 Dec 7

Partial success. I was able to extract some of the contents of the two archives using unar.exe on Windows! I was able to retrieve the folder containing MiniCad+ 2.0 and FileMaker Pro, but whatever else was in there wasn't recoverable.

However, it did give me some insight into what you were trying to do. You're using a LS-120 on Tiger or Leopard for these disks, right? And you're using Disk Utility to write them to .dmg

With floppy disks and OS X on Tiger, Have the Disk Utility save these disks as a CD master copy (.cdr) instead. I know they're floppy disks, but by choosing CD Master as the output, Disk Utility saves a floppy disk as a flat ISO compatible image of the disk which is not impossible to be accessed on earlier Mac OS's, and can be written back to floppy disk again or dropped into an emulator's window (Mini vMac) to mount onto a classic Mac OS desktop.

Also, .cdr can be uploaded safely as is to the MG, no need to StuffIt compress, meaning there is less likelihood of an incompatibility arising that you do get between different versions of StuffIt being used.

Note: mounting writable floppy media on OS X is not a good idea if you want to preserve the data on them in an original condition. Unless you lock the disk before inserting it into a floppy disk drive, the Mac's Finder will write invisible data to that floppy disk, which is something that should be avoided if possible. The screenshot below I hope will illustrate this.

I first converted the .dmg containing MiniCAD+ 2.0 into a flat .cdr file and could then drop it into Mini VMac II to mount it on a System 7 desktop.

The window on the right shows the contents you can normally see in a Mac's open window.
The window on the left is showing the actual contents, visible and invisible in that window. The unchecked boxes being the invisible content.
The "." dot files, .DS_Store, etc, and the TheVolumeSettingsFolder were written by OS X's Finder last Saturday.
The "Desktop" file is a System 6 desktop file written back in 1998, when this disk was last accessed on that system.
The "Desktop DB", "Desktop DF", "Desktop PrintersDF", and "OpenFolderListDF" are System 7 files from 1998, when this disk was last mounted (unlocked) on a classic Mac OS and used, presumably to open and print a file.

Ideally, for an original software disk from 1990, I would like to see only the hidden "Desktop" file in there. This is not a real likelihood for 30 years old+ floppy media, I know. But by locking disks that you want to preserve, before mounting them, it will at least prevent a Mac Finder writing further hidden metadata to that media.

Incidentally, I removed approx 300Kb of hidden OS X metadata from that MiniCad+ 2.0 floppy disk image.