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Using Vicom Internet Gateway on Localtalk / Appletalk

Its the strangest thing i can use my SE FDHD on localtalk ip sharing with any program except a web program. I using the same Mac Web 2.0 copy that im using on my Performa 5200 all the time i copied from the SE. And it works on both but just wont load the website on the SE. Every other program works FTP IRC TELNET i tried them all only web wont work. Also i have been able to contact a web sever inside my intranet but yet anything outside wont work. Anyone have any ideas?

Performa 5200 603e/75 40mb 10G HD, Ethernet, Localtalk System 8.1
Mac SE FDHD 4mb 20MB HD, Localtalk, 7.0.1