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Uploading .001, .002, etc. files

I need to upload .001 and .002 files for the Apple Legacy Recovery CD because the smallest size I have the tools to compress a .zip to is 518MB (using 7-Zip's PPMd compression), but the Macintosh Garden's limit of file size uploaded here is 400MB, so I had to split it into at least two files, but the extensions of the two parts of the compressed .zip containing the .iso are .zip.001 and .zip.002, which can't be uploaded here. I tried changing the file extensions from .zip.001 to and .zip.002 to, but 7-Zip will fail to open a and only works with a .zip.001 (along with the other .zip.002). Will the Macintosh Garden ever allow .(currently-allowed-extension).001, .(currently-allowed-extension).002, etc. files to be uploaded here?


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If it's a Mac OS 9 CD image, then you shouldn't be zipping it at all; it won't work. You should instead create a .cdr image and you could then .zip that, but you may still have to split it into two parts using a legacy version of Stuffit Deluxe (available here on the Garden). Otherwise, just take the original image of the CD and compress it with Stuffit, then split it into two parts using the Segment feature of Stuffit.

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After performing Mulder's hints, rename your files with or 002.sit (depends on the file extension), upload those files, tell your downloaders to rename them respectively.