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Two Questions About Playing Games on Real Hardware

I have two quick questions about downloading and playing these games on real hardware (a Mac Classic in this case):

1. Sometimes when I try to run a game I've downloaded from here it says it can't unstuff it because there isn't an application associated with it. I believe the problem is a bad or corrupted resource fork which generally can be fixed with something like ResEdit. My friend seems to think that this might have something to do with how the file was compressed or uncompressed.

Is there a way to avoid this? Should I uncompress it on a certain OS with a certain tool? I've been using Stuff It on my OS 10.4 laptop since I can easily write the contents to a CD and move them to my Mac Classic, but I also have an old OS 9 box that I might be able to use for something similar if that would help.

2. Can all games be run from a hard drive? Most games I've tried don't seem to mind, but I was getting an odd error with Dark Castle where it said something to the effect of "There isn't enough memory to run the game".


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Hello Tempest,

1. Best way to unarchive StuffIt archives is under a Classic environment. Even Mac OS X has some trouble in preserving all information, so use the Expander under, in your case; System 6.

2. Can be a setting with the Game Application itself. Get info on the Program file and set the figure for 'Memory' to a higher number, ie giving the application access to more RAM. Don´t set it over your actual RAM size and give also the System a bit of it.


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I found the Unarchiver most useful for inflating all kind of files.
2.7.1 is supposed to be compatible with Tiger:
For the classic Mac I am using Stuffit7 in SheepShaver, as 7 inflates a wide variety of files too, including some segmented sit, which The Unarchiver fails to handle.