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Joined: 2009 Dec 27
Is there a list anywhere of games that are compatible with the original 128k Mac?

Wanting to a bit of gaming on my 128k Mac and was wondering what works on it.


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Joined: 2009 Dec 7

Not a list as such, but choosing to look for a particular year is a good way to find anything released at in that year.

So... the Mac 128k was released in 1984 so anything listed for 1984 will probably work

Probably a good chance for the 128k if you look at 1985, also.

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I use this process as well

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Joined: 2009 Dec 19

Do you have enough 400K floppies? Or can a FloppyEMU be used?

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Joined: 2009 Dec 27

I have a Floppy Emu, that works with a 128k Mac.

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I've started something -- feel free to add: