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System 7 Today is back! (now part of the Mac Garden family)

Well, you may have seen this pop up someplace else in the Mac community as it makes its rounds but I thought we need an official thread on the Mac Garden Smile

In short:
System 7 Today is back. Come and relive those System 7 moments!

Somewhat longer:
5 years ago, System 7 Today was placed in a frozen state. Dan, System 7 Today's founder, had lost interest but made sure to keep the site on life support.

While it continued to bring help and nostalgia to Macintosh users running System 7, the lack of updates on guides and recommendations + the locked down discussion board left many of us wanting more.

Happy to announce that System 7 Today ended its winter sleep and joined the Macintosh Garden family with Knezzen and me at the wheel.

The site has been updated with new content, encompassing all the stuff that got to know during the past decade! The forum moved to a new and modern backbone (no more phpBB2), but with a HTML4 compliant template, so it is usable on even the most low end of low end Macs!

I know that some of you here were active on the old System 7 Today forums; your account is still there as well as your posts! All the passwords have been reset for security reasons, so you need to use the "I forgot my password" function to acquire a new password.

We are aiming at binging you more System 7 centric content for years to come!

Go check it out at to rediscover the glorious beige Macintosh days Smile


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Joined: 2010 Feb 11

Great news! Wink

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Joined: 2009 Apr 23

Well finally open to other countries. I couldn't access that page for many years as it was blocked for foreign country...

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Wow, did not know that... that's horrible ;O

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Joined: 2020 May 13

Get a VPN I guess

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Joined: 2009 Oct 23

It's no longer an issue.

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Joined: 2015 Feb 15

Glad to see the new forums look a lot like the old forums... I hope at least password management has been brought up to date?

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Joined: 2010 Mar 20

Nice, was trying to browse the site but then i get a type-11... Wink

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This is very nice and it really makes me happy. I like a lot this site and it really helped me back to 2009 where i bought my Performa 6116CD and with the knowledge of some users there i made an incredible retro computer. I downgraded the OS (it had 9.1 installed), bought Sonnet G3 500 mhz, increased the ram etc. My Performa is one of my daily computers since then where i use it especially for retro gaming. Just checked my profile which is still there and i only had to make a new password.