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System 7 Floppies in Spanish?

Somehow I must be missing locating System 7 floppies. I know there are so many version of System 7, I would just need either System 7.5.3, 7.5.5 or even 7.6.1, although it was shipping mostly in CDs by that Mac OS version. Thanks in advance! Smile


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For Spanish System 7.5.3 - 7.6.1 releases, a good option would be to look at Apple Developer Connection CD's.

To save yourself too much downloading, look for the likely year of release, and of the CD downloads, look for images of approx. 450MB or larger (if the DL's filename doesn't contain "SSW", the System releases were always the largest in size).

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Apple Anthology 1999 (First DVD) should cover Spanish up to System 7.5.
Someone will sure lend a hand, if you do not want to DL the complete DVD image.

Max1zzz was able to grab the DVD images from Pandora years ago.
Some files are damaged but I seem to recall that DVD 1 was all right.

Edit: Seems I spoke too soon and its only the installer tome on DVD-1 as available here #3:

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Mac Anthology 1999 DVD-1 has Mac System 7.5 in Spanish.
Eight images, DiskCopy 4, 1,5 MB.


There also is E-7.1.2, five floppy images, E-7.1.1 eleven 1,5 MB images, E-7.1, six 1,5 MB images,
E-7.0, six 1,5 MB images and CA-7.1 (Catalan) six 1,5 MB images.
I did not check any of them, eleven E-7.1.1 images do sound interesting, though. Wink

E-7.6.1 is again only the installer tome, better than nothing maybe.

As MTT posted above the ADC CD images are the one to look at.
1997 #4 is the one you are probably looking for. Smile

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Thanks everyone Smile I did a search and nothing, so it's good to know it's buried in stuff that is available in the Garden!