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SheepShaver Question

I am using SheepShaver with OS9 installed. I have no real trouble with the install, just a question. I plan to use this for my granddaughter's education. What is the simplest way to set things up when certain apps need the CD installed? Should I teach her how to add them and remove them from the GUI, or add them ahead of time so she will already have each emulated CD ready to use? I am looking at maybe 4-5 right now that need the CD to play.


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What we did back in the day was include the disc image using Disk Copy 6.3.3 on the hard drive itself. We then wrote an AppleScript to fire up the disc image, then launch the executable that installed to the hard drive. The AppleScript was what the students double clicked. Not the easiest necessarily but it required only rudimentary AppleScript.

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My recommendation and what I've usually done is to have all the CDs mounted that you might need so they're always available. SheepShaver can add any number of virtual drives, so the only problem that may come up is if the specific software doesn't handle multiple CDs properly.

In those cases, I've also done something similar to blackholemac's suggestion. You can put the images directly in SheepShaver and mount them as needed with something like Disk Copy or the Virtual CD/DVD Mounter.

If all else fails, you can use the method of mounting in SheepShaver preferences, but it does take a bit more work and reboots the emulated system, so it's the least appealing option. My hope is that Sheepshaver will support live mounting and unmounting at some point in the future, but the support hasn't been fully written yet.

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I've done similarly.. I throw a number of CD images onto an attached drive with a lot of space in it (this way I can cycle through collections, ie, games vs. edu titles, etc.). Then after installing those that need to be installed, I throw aliases of all the CD images into the startup folder so they mount when any attached drive is mounted.

This way, each set of CD images is ready to go right after reboot. Lastly, I create an alias folder of the executables from each CD image set, ready to run any CDs from the mounted disk(s). It's a bit of legwork to set up everything, but it's the simplest thing for kids to play with when they jump on their Mac, virtual or in emulation. I place the aliases of each CD set into its own folder.

Unless I use Apple's launcher, I do like to run at least Mac OS 8.0 (usually 8.1) to use it's button icon view and spring-loaded folders.. if anyone wants to code those two features, and possibly togglable contextual menus, for Mac OS 7.6 (and maybe compatible with 7.5.x), that would be incredible! Mac OS 7.6 is an amazing OS version that could use any of those three touch-up from OS 8.