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Self-contained .sheepvm bundles

Here's word about a new feature just added to SheepShaver in the recent weeks:

The guy who has developed the feature says:

"The idea is to allow for self-contained SheepShaver VMs, in a similar fashion to, for example, VMWare Fusion VMs.

The system is quite simple. If you create a folder with a .sheepvm extension, and put into it a file called "prefs" (what was previously in ~/.sheepshaver_prefs) and a file called "nvram" (what was previously in ~/.sheepshaver_nvram), you can then pass this folder path as an argument when launching SheepShaver - which will then use those files. Additionally, any relative path in the prefs file will be relative to the root of the .sheepvm directory (so you can put your ROM and disk images files in there).

On Mac OS X, as an added benefit, I've modified the Info.plist file so that .sheepvm bundles can be double clicked to automatically launch SheepShaver with that bundle."

and later

"I have done some more work to expand this feature, and the result is a SheepShaver Launcher application for Mac OS X.

It's basically a manager application for SheepShaver virtual machines (.sheepvm bundles). It displays them in a list, and lets you edit the settings of a specific one (i.e. vm prefs) and launch it - as well as add existing .sheepvms to the list, or create new ones.

Inside the bundle (inside Contents/MacOS) is a copy of the SheepShaver executable, which SheepShaver Launcher uses to launch the virtual machine."