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Secret History of Mac Gaming Book - Crowdfunding

Richard Moss writes a book about the history of Mac gaming. He is known for his articles for ArsTechnica, Eurogamer etc. More about him at:

The Crowdfunding can be found here:

About the Book, I will just quote him:

So I've been hinting at this for years, and finally I'm in a position to actually share it. I'm writing a book about the history of Mac gaming. It's been my pet project for the past few years and is on track for a finished manuscript later this year and publication sometime around mid-2017.

You can find out more about it on the publisher's website at, where we're trying to raise money to cover production costs (roughly 500-600 backers should get us there). But the short version is that it's more of my usual kind of narrative-style history — stories not just of games but also of people and ideas, only now tweaked to fit a book format.

I'd really appreciate it if you could all take a look and pledge if it's of interest. I need all the help I can get to push this over the line and make sure the book gets the kind of high-quality, loving design and printing job it deserves.

And then please help spread the word on social media and other Mac/gaming/retro computing forums. I'm only a member at a few of them.

Taken from his post here:

More articles and information about the Book:

I already pledged for it. I really hope this will reach it's goal (if not, everyone who pledged will get their money back). So hopefully some of you will join in and spread the word.