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Scanner for OS9

After moving my TV to other room, I realized, that there is a lot of free space, enough for scanner especially for my iMac G4. However, I don't know which USB scanners work with OS9. Could someone give me some examples of USB models, which work on Mac OS 9 with VueScan(possible Plug&Play)? I tried to look on VueScan's site, but there is only version 9, no older.


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I just binned a perfectly working Epson Perfection 1200U before I lkeft the UK. They were available to quite recently but I got it in 1998 / 1999 to go with my iMac G3 (rev.A). The U in 1200U is for USB, if you go for one of these, make sure it is 1200U not just a 1200.

First thing you've got to be aware of is that it's going to be USB v1 speeds you communicate with. There are Ethernet scanners too, and wireless of course, but usually when they're more than just USB, they're all three, and usually a multifunction device (printer, scanner, copier, fax, etc.). But a MFD is the one way to guarantee that it won't work in OS9, it's hard enough to get them to work in OSX 10.5 and later.

Epson usually have the best compatibility for pure scanners.
Canon tend to write all their drivers and interface software in java, it sucks and it shows, and it requires a certain level on java on the Mac, so OS9 is a no go.
HP ? I don't know if they even made scanners arounf that time.

I wouldn't get hung up on VueScan, it was only suitable for a tiny selection of scanners, you can have a sort of Plug-n-Play using a TWAIN-compatible scanner and the TWAIN drivers for your scanner, TWAIN (Technology Without An Interesting Name) is relatively unchanged in the last 10 years so it may offer the most compatibility. Use the TWAIN drivers and use GraphicConverter or Photoshop or anything that offered TWAIN support to drive the scanner.

As far as i know Canon still provide OS9 software for all their old scanners, so while you search eBay etc, keep another page open on you regions canon site and check what's available for OS9 before you bid.

If you ever boot your G4 into OSX 10.2 or 10.3 you can take advantage of Image Capture, it does an excellent job of driving TWAIN scanners, OSX 10.3 can share the scanner with other computers running OSX 10.3 or later also - this was amazing at the time. GraphicConverter was still my choice though.

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I use a Canon n650u I bought for cheap on eBay for making all my archives. The software for running it seems to be pretty good stuff too; I use it with my Pismo on OS 9. There are other similar Canon scanners with similar names that are supported by the driver software.

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I rescued a Canon LIDE30 on my sunday´s walk across our local flea market.
The scanner is USB powered and I tried with my iMac G3, OS9.2 works fine.
Drivers are available from Canon´s homepage. The Canon Drivers will work with OS9 and 10.1
I think.
No drivers are available for Windows7 or Snow Leo, but VueScan9 seems to work with Rosetta/Snow Leo. CanoScan Toolbox_X works with Rosetta too.

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My Mom has used an Epson Perfection 1250 for the better part of last decade and it's served her well, though it's really showing it's age. She likes it because she can scan literally anything in it and the scanner won't have any problems.

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I use a Microtek ScanMaker s400. The Microtek software ScanWizard 5 works with Mac OS 9 through Mac OS X 10.4.

The scanner also works with VueScan under Mac OS 10.5.