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Roxio Toast Burn (Mac App Store) - proper HFS Standard discs on Modern Macs and the new Disc Image Merge tool

I recently found Toast Burn from the Mac App Store, and I bought it for CAD$27, and ran successfully on my iMac 4K (2017) running macOS Big Sur without any issues! I noticed that existing HFS Standard disc images can be read by Roxio Toast Burn Mac App Store release without any issues, and yes, this is the only one that can read these volumes successfully, even on the latest Big Sur.

A feature that I never heard of before is the Disc Image Merge tool, found on the Copy section of the app. Most disc images that you will find on the Internet Archive and the Macintosh Garden tend to be Mac-only, whereas on the Internet Archive, the majority of them are Windows-only. By using the Disc Image Merge tool, we can fuse together the two into a new hybrid version of a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, just by burning it onto a disc first, and then later bring it over to a Windows computer and launch ImgBurn to create the ISO disc image of the custom hybrid release ready for upload!

The easy way to check whether they are both Windows-only and Mac-only of the same title is by loading the two disc images into Roxio Toast Burn, and if it's a Windows-only disc image, it would say "ISO 9660" or "Joliet", and if it's a Mac-only disc image, it would say "HFS Standard/HFS" or "HFS Extended/HFS+", but the title (and the disc images) in question has to be in separate releases, and not a Hybrid. When it says Mac and PC on the box, it's a Hybrid, but when it says Mac on the box, it's a Mac-only disc, because it's separate to the PC version (Windows-only disc per se) released at a different time than the Mac version. It's best to check on MobyGames (if it's a game) as an extra step to find out if a Windows game has a separate Mac-release just by looking at the release dates and cover art (as well as who ported the game to the Mac).

Corel, the company who bought Roxio and Adaptec, are still selling Toast for modern Macs, and they also made separate releases on the Mac App Store for DVD Video discs and Audio CD's, however, if there is a bug on one of the updates, asking technical support causes a delay or two at Corel's end, and that's the only downside. Other than that, I would love to hear what other people think of the Roxio Toast Burn that's still selling on the Mac App Store, if anyone has a very modern Mac to try it out! There are no more internal disc drives available on Intel Macs anymore since 2012, but if you are looking for a USB disc drive for a Modern Mac, many USB 3.0 and USB-C external drives exist at various retail places.

So, the first custom Hybrid disc image created for the Macintosh Garden is Barbie and Her Magical House, released in 1994. Hopefully there will be many more custom Hybrid disc images created and uploaded using this software in the future! For now, that's all I have to say about Roxio Toast Burn! Feel free to discuss about it!


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Interesting... I was unaware that Corel had purchased Roxio. They also own WinZip and a number of other shareware Windows and Mac properties now.

I'm not quite sure how they're turning a profit from all these old titles, but I'm glad they're making the effort!

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I remember that Toast 11 was no longer able to create HFS Standard CD images.
Hopefully the new Toast can do this again?