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Retro Macintosh Project: trying to fit a iBook g4 12" battery inside a 12" Powerbook G4

Hey guys I was wondering if we can't figure this one out together is it possible to fit a iBook G4 12" Battery inside a 12" PowerBook G4 (I have the battery just do not know how to put it inside of the powerbook) it has the same voltage and same connecters just a different size case as far as I am aware plus these are generally a ton less expensive right about now than a actual PowerBook G4 Battery (Hence why I was able to get a used one that lasts 3 hours according to the seller for $30) so yeah that's my project I have going on right now you can help with it if you wish plus it would benefit the community if somebody figured this out as they are generally less expensive as I already mentioned previously


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Soldering and tinkering is the only that comes into my mind.

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Maybe fitting it in a different shell