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Resolution Malfuction

I got a bug on the screen resolution of my SheepShaver. I decided to change my 640x480 resolution to 1024x768, and restarted the emulator, re-open, and then got the change, but then in a blink of an eye, it changed to 640x480! What can i do to fix this? Sad


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Where did you set it? In the GUI application, or within Sheep itself?
My shot in the dark would be to check within Sheep as well.

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Absolutely. Afaik, the setting in the Sheep GUI adds another monitor resolution to the Monitors control panel, which can be selected there.
You may know that you can put in your own numbers in Width and Height.
I found a 1300x700 window quite usable for my laptop, as I´m hardly running Sheep full screen.