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Request: Adobe PageMaker Plug-in Pack for InDesign CS

In the early days of Adobe InDesign Adobe offered a special add-on package for switching user from Adobe Pagemaker (6, 7) called "Adobe PageMaker Plug-in Pack" bundled to Adobe InDesign CS.

This piece of software added some extra functionality to InDesign CS (citing its FAQ):

The Adobe PageMaker Plug-in Pack, a set of plug-ins that added popular PageMaker features to InDesign CS, such as the ability to open PageMaker 6.0 files, switch shortcuts in InDesign to match those in PageMaker, basic imposition support, data merge, automated bullets, and more.

Later-on the functionality of the Plug-in Pack was integrated to the next version Adobe InDesign CS2:

A. Adobe InDesign CS2 incorporates the features below to ensure that PageMaker users have all of the func-
tionality they need for a smooth transition:
Publication converter for PageMaker 6.0 files: Convert PageMaker 6.0 document and templates to
InDesign CS2 format, and in some cases even fix damaged PageMaker files or open previously unopenable PageMaker files (with limitations). This capability expands the conversion support that has long been built into InDesign, enabling you to open PageMaker 6.5–7.x and QuarkXPress 3.3–4.x documents.
InBooklet Special Edition (SE) plug-in: Automatically rearrange a document’s pages into printer spreads for professional printing with complete control over margins, gaps, bleeds, creep, and crossover traps—a process known as imposition. The InBooklet SE plug-in—created by third-party developer A Lowly Apprentice Productions (ALAP)—offers this selection of imposition styles: 2-up saddle stitch, 2-up perfect bound, and 2-, 3-, and 4-up consecutive.
Automated bullets and numbering: Automatically create and style bulleted and numbered lists or save them as part of paragraph styles. Numbered lists update automatically when changes are made.
Data merge: Create customized publications, such as catalogs, direct mail campaigns, business cards, form letters, and mailing labels by merging data from a spreadsheet or database into your InDesign CS2 layouts.
Position tool: Resize and move images and their frames or reposition content in relation to frames using the handy Position tool, which works similarly to the Crop tool in PageMaker.
PageMaker compatible keyboard shortcuts: Work at peak efficiency by switching the keyboard shortcuts in InDesign CS2 to match the shortcuts you’ve already learned for PageMaker.
PageMaker toolbar: Enjoy easy access to commonly used commands through a Windows-style toolbar similar to ones used in Acrobat and Microsoft Word. Available for both Mac OS and Windows users.

Today the plug-in pack should be a very piece of software and abandonware since more than 10 years not longer at sale. Has someone still got it and could it upload it ?